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Truebit TRU Token is the new latest sensation in the market because of the star team. We detailed mentioned the project in this article.

About Truebit (TRU) Token:

Introducing (TRU) Truebit allows smart contracts to securely perform complex computations in standard programming languages at reduced gas cost It utilizes unique game theory aspects that were built in collaboration with Vitalik Buterin, & it has proven itself to be a powerhouse

The masterminds behind TRU consist of Christian Reitweissner – team lead at ETH and founder of Ethereum programming language Jason Teutsch – Solidity dev and ETH advocate close to Vitalik Buterin Fred Ehrsam – founder of Coinbase

To fully understand what I am about to go over, let us first get a basic understanding of what exactly TRU is trying to solve, & go over its token economics… Shortly after beginning his work at ETH, Christian co-discovered the “Verifiers Dilemma” along with Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik Buterin then put Jason (math wiz and game theory prodigy) in touch w Christian to begin working on TRU with an aim to solve this dilemma…

The Verifiers dilemma is a security vulnerability in the POW consensus model When verifying txs across the network, nodes are going through computational “puzzles” to confirm blocks for a reward This reward is only granted to the first miner to “prove” they did the work.

In some cases, this may mean that miners may use a lot of resources on complex computational tasks, without receiving any reward in the process. If the nodes aren’t all incentivized to give out correct answers, it can create potential security issues on ETH

TRU implements a “verification game” which uses game theory to ensure nodes are giving out the right answer Essentially, TRU turns ETH from a “slow”, distributed world computer, to a massively scalable one Think of it like a big decentralized, mathematical court for ETH.

Truebit does this by offering a retrofitting oracle that correctly performs computational tasks. Any smart contract can issue a computation task to this oracle in the form of WebAssembly bytecode, while anonymous “miners” receive rewards for correctly solving the task.

TRU tokens are used as payments for tasks on the network and burnt, with some received by the Verifier and Solver These tokens are both minted and burned over time according to the use of the network. New TRU tokens can be minted at a price determined by a smart contract…
Which scales and sets a higher mint price as new tokens continue to be bought. Because new tokens are minted on the OS, this allows for multiple arbitrage opportunities which we have never seen before. For reference, just take a look at the graph of TRU:
Truebit Coin Graph

Truebit Protocol Price and Market Stats

Truebit Protocol Price
TRU Price $0.690304
Market Cap ?
Market Cap Dominance 0.00%
Trading Volume $641,588,074
Volume / Market Cap
24h Low / 24h High $0.290318 / $1.31
7d Low / 7d High $0.153314 / $0.874671
Market Cap Rank N/A
All-Time High $1.31 -41.9%
May 02, 2021 (about 9 hours)
All-Time Low $0.096461 689.5%
Apr 28, 2021 (5 days)


Truebit (TRU) Official Website:


How to Buy Truebit (TRU) Token Coin?

  • Create a MetaMask Wallet
  • Send ETH to MetaMask Wallet
  • Open Uniswap and Connect the MetaMask Wallet and Paste the Contract Address
  • Contract Address: “0xf65b5c5104c4fafd4b709d9d60a185eae063276c”
  • Select the amount and swap.

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Q: Where to Buy Truebit (TRU) Token?

Buy using Uniswap and MetaMask Wallet.

Q: What is the Price of Truebit (TRU) Token?

Turebit Price: $0.700126

Q: What is the Price Prediction of Truebit (TRU) Token?

Short Term – $10

Long Term – $100

Q: Who is the Founder of Truebit (TRU)?

Founder: Jason Teutsch



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