Best Trading Apps In India: Top 12 Online Stock Market Apps

    Best Trading Apps In India: Top 12 Online Stock Market Apps

    Trade is characterized as a barter of labor and products between two gatherings. At the point when you purchase an item and afterward sell it at a more exorbitant cost, it is called trading.

    Today, you don’t be guaranteed to have to leave your agreeable home for trading. You can trade on the web, whenever, from anyplace, through your own mobile telephone. There are applications we can use for trading. You should simply do a speedy examination on which app to utilize and download it from your app store.

    Trading in stocks implies purchasing the portions of an organization. What’s more, purchasing the portions of an organization implies purchasing a piece of the responsibility for the organization. You can purchase stocks on the web, through a mobile app, and afterward sell them at whatever point costs increment and consequently procure benefits along these lines.

    Zerodha Kite is the best trading app in India, trailed by Angel Broking, Upstox Pro app, 5paisa Online Trading app, Sharekhan app, and some more.

    Rundown Of The Best Trading Apps In India

    Here is a rundown of some very much perceived stock trading apps:

    • Upstox Pro App
    • Zerodha Kite
    • Angel Broking
    • Groww app
    • 5paisa online trading app
    • Sharekhan App
    • Motilal Oswal MO Investor App
    • Edelweiss Online Trading App
    • IIFL Market Trading App
    • Fyers App
    • HDFC Securities
    • Stock Edge

    Comparing Top Online Stock Market Apps

    Tool Name Best for Price Languages supported Rating
    Upstox Instant investing Rs. 0 commission on trade in stocks, mutual funds, and digital gold English and Hindi 5/5 stars
    Zerodha Being an all-in-one stock trading solution. Rs.0 for equity delivery trades English, Hindi, Kannada Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya 5/5 stars
    Angel Broking Beginners Rs. 0 Brokerage charges on Delivery Trade & Trade across all segments. English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada 5/5 stars
    Groww  Plenty of tradable items ?20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed trade brokerage charges English 4.6/5 stars
    5paisa online trading app Auto investing feature ?20 per trade brokerage charges English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali 4.6/5 stars
    Sharekhan HYPERLINK “” App Active traders 0.50% or 10 paise per share or ?16 per scrip (Whichever is higher). English 4.6/5 stars


    Reviews of Online Trading Apps in India:

    1) Upstox Pro App

    Upstox Pro App – Best for instant investing.

    Android Ratings: 4.4/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
    iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

    Upstox Pro App gives multiple trading options with an easy-to-use interface and is backed by eminent personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata. You can trade in stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, and much more, with the help of extensive charts.

    Top Features:

    • Charts to help you make wise investments.
    • Quick buying and selling of stocks.
    • Bracket orders and cover orders.
    • Notifies you about the prices of your favorite stocks.


    • Instant investing.
    • Easy-to-understand charts.
    • Limit orders, After Market Orders, and more.


    • The web version is reported to be complicated.

    Why you want this app: Upstox is a trusted trading solution. You can get price alerts and go through extensive charts to decide where to invest your money.


    • 0 commission on trade in stocks, mutual funds, and digital gold.
    • 05% or up to 20 for all Intraday & F&O, Currencies & Commodity Orders.

    Website- UPSTOX PRO APP  

    2) Zerodha Kite

    Zerodha Kite – Best for being an all-in-one stock trading solution.

    Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 50 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 3.3/5 stars

    Kite is the best trading app in India, which is offered by Zerodha. It has over 5 million clients all over India. Kite offers you a wide range of stocks to trade in, through an easy-to-use and extremely beneficial mobile app.

    Top Features:

    • 6 chart types to help you evaluate the market conditions.
    • Advanced options for placing orders, like Brackets and covers, After Market Order (AMO), and more.
    • Gives you market news and keeps you updated about the events that can cause a change in the value of stocks.
    • Easy to use mobile app.
    • Pin your favorite scrips.


    • Can be used in 10 regional languages.
    • Extensive charts to view market conditions.
    • Place limit to orders.


    • No trading in mutual funds.
    • No price alerts.

    Why you want this app: Zerodha Kite can be used in your preferred language. It provides you with 6 types of charts to view the market conditions just the way you want.


    • 0 for equity delivery trades.
    • 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade for Intraday and F&O.


    3) Angel Broking

    Best for beginners.

    Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
    iOS Ratings: 3.5/5 stars

    Angel Broking is the best stock market app India has. Founded in 1987, it has about 1.4 million active customers today. You can get a ready-made curated portfolio or get it managed by experts.

    Top Features:

    • Analyze the market with the help of research done by experts.
    • Maintains your portfolio.
    • Build a diversified, low-cost portfolio with help of small cases.
    • Choose from readymade portfolios.
    • International stocks are available for investment.


    • No brokerage charges.
    • Portfolio management
    • By investing in small cases, you can build a low-cost portfolio.
    • Fractional investment.


    • Trading through calling is charged at 20 per executed order.

    Why you want this app: Angel Broking is the best stock trading app for beginners in India. They offer fractional investment, portfolio management, and investing in small cases, which can be very beneficial for beginners in the field.

    Price: 0 Brokerage charges on Delivery Trade & Trade across all segments.

    Website: Angel Broking

    4) Groww

    Best for plenty of tradable items.

    Android Ratings: 4.3/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
    iOS Ratings: 4.5/5 stars

    Groww app is the best trading app in India. The option of trading in gold, stocks, fixed deposits, and more at the same time is the reason for its popularity.

    Top Features:

    • Invest in Gold, Fixed Deposits, domestic and US stocks, Mutual Funds, and F&Os.
    • Learning resources.
    • Withdraw 50,000 or 90% of the total money invested (whichever is lower) per day.
    • Self-directed trading.
    • Advanced charts to help you study the market trends.


    • No account opening charges.
    • No account maintenance charges.
    • ISO 27001:2013 certification ensures that your information is encrypted and secure.


    • Advanced order types (like Brackets and orders, Cover orders, etc) are not available.

    Why you want this app: Groww app lets you invest in Gold, Fixed Deposits, and Global stocks and offers you learning resources so that you can do self-directed investments.


    • 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed trade brokerage charges.
    • 20 per order brokerage charges for Futures and Options.

    Website: Groww

    5) 5paisa Online Trading App

    Best for auto investing feature.

    Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 50 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 4/5 stars

    5paisa Online Trading App is one of the most popular trading apps in India. The advanced charts, user-friendly interface, learning resources, and auto-investing features make it one of the top trading apps in India.

    Top Features:

    • Trade-in stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, and more.
    • Auto-investing feature works based on your specific goals.
    • Easy to use interface.
    • Buying and selling are done with a single click.
    • Advanced charts to help you research the market conditions.


    • Research tools.
    • Easy to use.
    • Auto investing.
    • Learning resources.
    • 0 commission on mutual funds trading.


    • 100 per call charges for ‘Trade on Call’.

    Why you want this app: 5paisa has some really nice features to offer, including auto investing, learning resources, and more.


    • 20 per order brokerage charges.
    • Power Investor Pack: 499 per month.
    • Ultra Trader Pack: 999 per month.

    Website: 5paisa online trading app

    6) Sharekhan App

    Best for active traders.

    Android Ratings: 3.8/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 2.8/5 stars

    Sharekhan is a 21-year-old trading platform, which has over 2 million clients all over India. Sharekhan gives you proper guidance for buying and selling products and provides a wide range of products to build a diversified portfolio.

    Top Features:

    • Advanced charts to help you do the market research.
    • Research reports help you make better investment decisions.
    • Relationship managers monitor your portfolio and give you guidance.
    • Wide range of products to trade with.


    • Trade anytime, from anywhere.
    • Updates you about the market news.
    • Free learning resources.
    • No minimum deposit is required.


    • No global stocks to trade with.

    Why you want this app: Sharekhan is a well-known, trusted online trading app. The research reports and guidance of experts are praiseworthy features.

    Price: For Equity Delivery: 0.50% or 10 paise per share or 16 per scrip (Whichever is higher).

    Website: Sharekhan

    7) Motilal Oswal MO Investor App

    Best for powerful AI features that help in building a better portfolio.

    Android Ratings: 3.6/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 3.6/5 stars

    Motilal Oswal MO Investor App can be called the best trading app India has. Its smart artificial intelligence features offer you tips and recommendations on how to improve your portfolio.

    Top Features:

    • Trade in digital gold, without any paperwork.
    • Expert-made market analysis reports are available for you.
    • Learning resources for beginners as well as advanced traders.
    • Gives recommendations to improve your portfolio.
    • Supports English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Tamil languages.


    • Guidance for investing.
    • Learning resources.
    • Trade-in digital gold.
    • Market analysis tools.
    • Price alerts.


    • No trade-in international stocks

    Why you want this app: Motilal Oswal MO Investor App has learning material for beginners and advanced traders. Its powerful AI tools give you recommendations on how to improve your portfolio.

    Price: Contact directly for brokerage charges.

    Website: Motilal Oswal

    8) Edelweiss Online Trading App

    Best for market analysis tools.

    Android Ratings: 4.5/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 4/5 stars

    Edelweiss Online is a trading platform, founded in 1995. It offers you plenty of stocks to trade with. Moreover, it gives you many features for tracking and monitoring market trends.

    Top Features:

    • Tools to track every aspect of the market
    • Lets you know about the latest news and events affecting the market
    • Advanced charts to help you gain insights into market trends
    • Live commentary about the stock market, done by experts


    • Price alerts.
    • Low brokerage charges.
    • Market tracking tools.
    • Live market news and updates.
    • No account opening charges.
    • No account maintenance charges


    • No feature of placing Bracket orders
    • 20 per call charges for trading through calls.

    Why you want this app: Edelweiss Online Trading App can be a great choice for active and advanced traders, who know how to get help from advanced charts and market research reports.

    Price: 10 per executed order brokerage charges.

    Website: Edelweiss Online Trading App

    #9) IIFL Market Trading App

    Best for free research reports.

    Android Ratings: 4.1/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 50 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 4.1/5 stars

    IIFL Market Trading App is a highly recommended mobile app for trading. It lets you trade in several items with the help of easy-to-use tools.

    Top Features:

    • Trade in equities, F&O, currencies and commodities.
    • Tools to research market trends.
    • Free research reports of 500 top listed companies in NSE/BSE.
    • Place buying or selling orders with easy steps.
    • Lets you modify or cancel your pending orders.


    • Free research reports
    • Notifications about the market news
    • No account management charges for trading account


    • No robo advisor.

    Why you want this app: IIFL Market Trading App is the best trading app in India, due to the features that it offers. It offers you free research reports, tools to study market trends, and much more.


    • 0 brokerage charges for equity delivery.
    • 20 per executed order for Intraday, F&O, currencies, and commodities

    Website: IIFL Market Trading App

    10) Fyers App

    Best for advanced traders.

    Android Ratings: 4.1/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 1 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

    Fyers is the best trading app in India. It offers you some really helpful charts to study the market trends. The mobile app is easy to use and gets automatically synced with the web version so that you can access your account from the web or through the mobile app.

    Top Features:

    • Advanced charts are available for free.
    • Access from the web or through the mobile app. Both are automatically synced.
    • Charts to study market trends.
    • Notifies you about the important information about the stock market.


    • Intuitive user experience.
    • Notifications and updates about the market.
    • 0 brokerage charges for equity delivery
    • Historical data of more than 20 years.


    • 20 charges for orders placed on call.
    • No trade in mutual funds.

    Why you want this app: Fyers app offers you a fast trading experience and is tested to have a high level of Security Protocol on all levels.


    • 0 per order brokerage charges for equity delivery and thematic investments.
    • 20 per order across all other segments.

    Website: Fyers App

    11) HDFC Securities

    Best for trading in global stocks and digital gold.

    Android Ratings: 4.3/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 3.7/5 stars

    HDFC Securities is a 20 years old trading and investing platform, which offers you smart ways of trading, for example, tracking the best price of buying or selling your order across exchanges, and much more.

    Top Features:

    • Trade-in equities, mutual funds, derivatives, currency, IPO, commodities, and digital gold.
    • Global stocks are available for trading.
    • Market commentary and periodic reports.
    • Helps you in making investment strategies.
    • Bracket order, basket order, and other smart options to place your order.
    • A 3-in-1 account, including your savings account, trading account, and Demat account.


    • Invest in US stocks and digital gold.
    • No account opening charges.
    • 24/7 access to your portfolio.
    • Advanced portfolio tracking.


    • High brokerage charges.

    Why you want this app: HDFC Securities can be a decent choice for the people who need to put resources into Global stocks or digital gold. Besides, you get a 3-in-1 account with HDFC.

    For Resident Indians:

    • 50% or minimum 25 brokerage charges for equity delivery.
    • 05% or minimum 25 brokerage charges for equity Intraday and Futures.

    For NRIs:

    • 75% or minimum 25 brokerage charges on delivery trade.

    Website: HDFC Securities

    12) Stock Edge

    Best for stock market analytics.

    Android Ratings: 4.4/5 stars
    Android Downloads: 10 Lakh +
    iOS Ratings: 4.4/5 stars

    Stock Edge is the main trading stage with north of 20 Lakh clients. They give you investment techniques in view of your objectives and set forward research and examination devices with the goal that you can do an informed investment.

    Top Features:

    • Research and analysis of 5000+ stocks.
    • Advanced charts to study market trends.
    • Learning resources, including online training and webinar.
    • Advanced scanning features that help you view the stocks based on your preferences.


    • Thematic stock lists.
    • Learning resources.
    • Scanning features.
    • Research tools.


    • Bear with the ads in the free version.

    Why you want this app: Stock Edge gives you some truly fastidious research and analytics and checking highlights. The app is accounted for to be easy to understand.

    Price: There are 3 price plans:

    • StockEdge Premium: 399 per month
    • StockEdge Analyst: 999 per month
    • StockEdge Club: 1499 per month

    *A free version is also available.

    Website: Stock Edge


    This article can be briefly summarized into the following points:

    • You can begin trading and contributing from your own mobile, with the assistance of simple to-utilize apps.
    • If you have any desire to contribute a lot of cash, pick the app which gives you a consultant and gives you proposals to work on your portfolio.
    • Market examination devices like high-level graphs can be extremely useful in doing an educated venture.
    • Novices ought to search for an app that allows them to fabricate a minimal expense portfolio, in addition to giving them learning assets and tips for a portfolio on the board.
    • Zerodha Kite, Angel Broking, and Upstox Pro App are the main 3 best web-based trading apps in India.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q #1) Are trading apps safe?

    Answer: In this universe of digitalization, trading through apps on mobile is a recent fad. Taking everything into account, forever be extremely mindful while sharing your bank subtleties in light of the fact that fraudulent practices are available all over. You ought to continuously decide on the app which is well known, has great evaluations, and has notoriety.

    Q #2) Can I trade for nothing?

    Answer: Yes, you can trade for nothing. There are numerous web-based trading apps, such as Zerodha, Upstox, and Angel Broking, and the sky is the limit from there, that offer 0 brokerage charges on value conveyance trade. You simply have to have the means to purchase tradable items.

    Q #3) How much cash do you have to purchase stocks?

    Answer: You can begin purchasing stocks with as minimal expenditure as you have. The greater part of the trading apps has drawn no line for the base record balance expected to open a trading account.

    You ought to essentially have that much measure of cash which is expected to purchase 1 stock.

    Q #4) Is trading a decent profession?

    Answer: Yes, trading can end up being a decent profession. In any case, you want to accomplish something useful and exhaustive examination of the market and figure out how to trade from different sources.

    Get legitimate direction from a consultant in the event that you are a fledgling. Individuals with an enormous abundance for financial planning additionally need to search for a guide for effective financial planning, to ensure that they don’t lose their well-deserved cash and create the greatest gains.

    Q #5) Which is the best stock trading app for novices?

    Answer: Angel Broking, 5paisa Online Trading app, Sharekhan app, Motilal Oswal MO Investor app, HDFC Securities, and Stock Edge are probably the best stock trading apps for amateurs. They offer you learning assets and master direction for keeping up with your portfolio.

    Q #6) How would I purchase stocks online myself?

    Answer: Buying stocks has become extremely straightforward these days. You simply have to download a trading app and do fast research about the securities exchanges and begin trading.


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