How to Start a Tea Time Franchise in India? Investment, Profit

Tea Time

India is one of the world’s largest tea-delivering nations. It is also one of the largest tea-consuming nations. Individuals of all age groups love to consume a cup of tea. For a couple, it is more than a cup. It is an essential part of each household in India. One can track down many tea lovers in a home.

Devouring tea is a major part of Indian food culture. More than 70% of Indians drink tea consistently. Local tea stalls have been part of the Indian community for ages. They prepare and sell regular milk tea to individuals consistently. As of late the taste of individuals has advanced. They want to have various flavors of tea. Tea Time carries that different flavor to individuals along with traditional tea.

Business Info

About Tea Time

Tea Time was started by a couple of tea lovers in the city of Hyderabad. They started with one outlet. In two years they have gone from 1 outlet to 200+ outlets spread in various parts of India. Tea Time is one of the largest tea brands in India. They sell various kinds of teas, coolers, and shakes at a truly reasonable rate. The company’s processing plants are located at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Assam, Vizag, and Rajahmundry. Their research and development unit is based in Hyderabad.

The company aims to be the number 1 tea shop chain in India. They are passionate to sell the best quality, hygienic and affordable tea to individuals in India.

Tea Time USP

Another age tea selling outlet is altogether different from the traditional roadside tea stalls. They make great regular tea as well as offer a variety of flavors in tea. The tea outlet gives a pleasant ambiance to individuals and is also a place to hang out. Tea Time is India’s own personal tea selling outlet.

Tea Time has made a name for itself in an exceptionally short period. The outlet became popular because of word of mouth and presently has a lot of loyal individuals who are addicted to their tea. They sell various types of tea, coolers, and milkshakes. All of Tea Time’s beverages have an authentic taste and interesting ingredients. Tea Time is an individual from the Tea Board of India. A lot of tea tasters guarantee that the taste and quality of the tea leaves are not compromised.

Tea Time has sold more than 2,30,00,000 cups of tea in the north of two years. The company has more than 8 flavors of tea. Tea Time is spreading all over India at an extremely fast pace.

The company has also earned altruism and made a name for itself in the market in almost no time. Individuals are placing their confidence in the products of the company and always returning for more.

Advantages of claiming a Tea Time franchise in India

Tea Time Franchise Cost?

An investment of INR 4 lakh to 5 lakh is needed to start a franchise of Tea Time in India. The expense of investment incorporates the brand fee, marketing fee, and a complete start-up kit fee. The expense of movable hardware like refrigerator, deep freezer, stove, utensils, etc is also remembered for the investment fee. The company also gives the initial stock to start up the business.

The company charges a royalty of 3% on the gross sales each month. An upper limit of INR 9000 is set up by the company to charge as royalty. The company doesn’t take royalty above this amount.

Years of bond and profitability

The company consents to a standard franchise arrangement. The franchise contract has lifetime validity. There is no to go through a heap of paperwork in like clockwork for renewal. A profit margin of 40% to half is normal for total sales. The average period for Return on Investment is between 8 to 10 months.

Tea Time Franchise Contact Number

  • Email ID –
  • Contact No. +91 96 8566 7676, +91 95 7766 2211


India is the second-largest tea producer in the world. 70% of the tea delivered in India is consumed in the nation as it were. Indians simply love their cup of tea. Be it morning, evening, or night we Indians need no reason to consume a cup of tea. Travel anywhere in India, food, weather, or culture may change yet the one thing that remains constant is the adored beverage tea that 70% of India eats.

Tea is one ongoing idea that runs all through the country. Love for tea has prompted many kinships. Everybody has an alternate taste inclination for tea. Sometimes one simply wants to relax and partake in their cup of tea without preparing it.


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