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    Simpl Pay

    What is Simpl Pay?

    Simpl is an inventive item that can simplify web-based shopping by empowering a single click buys and buy now – pay later, it’s an anti wallet. The manner in which it works is all things considered, pretty simple. You go to a site or app that upholds Simpl, like BookMyShow or Faasos, and shop regularly. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to pay, simply select Simpl as your payment choice, and you will be approached to enter your portable number assuming it’s not currently put away in the app you’re utilizing, and enter an OTP shipped off your number to affirm the payment, and that is it – you’re good to go.

    Where we can use Simpl Pay?

    • Bigbasket
    • Zomato
    • Dunzo
    • JioMart
    • Licious
    • Furlenco
    • Netmeds
    • Practo
    • Purplle
    • Bounce
    • 1mg
    • EatSure
    • FreshMenu
    • Park+
    • Abhibus
    • Quick Ride
    • Koovs
    • Rapido
    • DriveU
    • Bewakoof
    • RailYatri
    • IntrCity
    • Box8
    • BB Instant
    • Faasos
    • Third Wave Coffee Roasters
    • Playo
    • Ketto
    • NoBroker
    • Ustraa
    • BloombergQuint
    • Gaana
    • MyGlamm
    • Drivezy
    • Fynd
    • DocsApp
    • Justickets
    • MojoPizza
    • Meru
    • Amrutam
    • LetsShave
    • Behrouz Biryani

    How to Create Simpl Pay Account?

    Download the Simpl application from the Android or iOS application store and sign up through the Simpl application to get instant account endorsement. Tap the Simpl button on the checkout page when making online buys. Your transaction amount will be sent to your Simpl account.

    Simpl Pay Credit Limit

    Simpl Pay currently permits a most extreme limit of ₹20,000.

    Simpl Pay Late Fee Charges

    In the event that a payment isn’t made by the due date, Simpl can charge a late penalty of up to Rs. 250 + pertinent taxes (GST).

    Simpl Pay Customer Care Email Id

    On the off chance that you have questions or concerns, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Simpl at

    Simpl Pay Founder

    Nityanand Sharma is the CEO and Co-author of Simpl Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a digital payment platform that gives shoppers to purchase now and checkout in a single tick with pay later functionality for online business buys.

    Sharma clarifies how the startup is utilizing AI and AI. Simpl has formulated a system dependent on substantial algorithms and gets huge data inputs from it, which it calls the ‘trust score’. Putting a client at the lower end of credit and examining from the data that uncovers how the individual, by and large, spends on food, internet business or little ticket buys (these parameters have been integrated into the platform), Simpl can predict the client’s spending conduct and repayment cycles.

    Simpl Pay Office Address

    Simpl headquarters is at Indiranagar in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

    Simpl Pay App Details

    Simpl, established in 2016, is a short-ticket versatile first loaning platform that offers simple credit at points of sale and at online business checkout. Online shopping is fast and convenient but the checkout options are not. The Simpl application brings the accommodation of a khata online so you can look at it with 1 tap and pay later.

    How Does It Work?

    Simpl makes things convenient and bother-free by letting you avoid paying when you purchase. Instead, you’ll get a total bill once in about fourteen days. The best part? You then have 10 days to pay the bill. You can avoid the long online payment process and request with 1 tap. It’s a fortnightly tab for all your food orders!

    How to Use Simpl Pay

    • Connect Simpl to your favorite online merchants and utility organizations for your everyday shopping needs.

    • Tap the Simpl button on the checkout page when making online buys. Your transaction amount will be sent to your Simpl account.

    • Clear your Simpl balance at regular intervals through the Simpl application. Monitor your monthly costs and appreciate effortless budgeting.

    Features of Simpl Pay

    • Control over your credit identity

    Simpl utilizes its own AI models to understand customers. They don’t observe the guidelines of credit scores.

    • Transparency and Trust

    No secret fees or stacks of administrative work with terms and conditions. Everything from bills to discounts is transparent.

    • Affordability with Pay Later

    Spend such that makes you comfortable. Simpl lets you spread your monthly pay across your shopping needs.


    1. How is my spending limit determined?

    Your spending limit is at the first set of course. Yet, when you begin utilizing Simpl, the limit is continually refreshed dependent on a couple of central points.

    How consistently you repay: Regular and brief repayment is the main factor in refreshing your spending limit. In case you’re fast and steady in settling your contribution with Simpl, your spending limit increments over the long haul. Obviously, reliably neglecting to do as such will have the contrary impact.

    Your spending propensities: The spending limit will reflect your buying propensities. On the off chance that your spending increments consistently, the limit will go up as well.

    Utilizing the Simpl app: The Simpl app allows us to do encourage verifications dependent on data accessible on the telephone. For instance, in light of your transactional SMS messages, Simpl can build your spending limit to coordinate with your general spending.

    The strength of your profile: A solid profile permits us to verify your identity, and become acquainted with you better. Simpl utilizes this data to build your spending limit.

    2. Does Simpl do anything on the off chance that somebody doesn’t pay?

    On the off chance that payment isn’t made by the due date, Simpl can charge a late penalty of up to Rs. 250 + applicable assessments (GST). In the event that a client illuminates us about any issue s/he is confronting, they will retain the late penalty. Or on the other hand turn around it, contingent upon the circumstance.

    Clients are likewise told on different occasions by means of email, SMS, and other update warnings before the penalty are imposed. They disdain stowed away charges as much as you.

    In the event that you’re confronting any issue, do drop us a message, and they’ll hit you up at the most punctual and have it settled.

    3. How does Simpl’s charging cycle work?

    Your Simpl bill is produced double a month. Every one of your exchanges somewhere in the range of first and fifteenth is added into one bill, which is produced on the fifteenth.

    All exchanges made somewhere in the range of sixteenth and 30th/31st are added into one bill, which is produced on, you got it, 30th/31st.

    Obviously, you can decide to pay for your transactions even before your bill is produced. You can do as such by signing into your record by means of our website or app.

    4. How is Simpl more secure than cards and different methods of payment?

    At the point when you purchase on the web, you need to painstakingly enter every one of your subtleties without fail. Tragically, this confounded confirmation measure just gives you the illusion of security. In actuality, the odds of misrepresentation go up each time you share data over the web.

    With Simpl, your payment subtleties are never passed to the trader. By radically diminishing the occasions you give out your financial data on the web, they definitely decrease the odds of extortion!

    5. Is It Safe To Save My UPI Handle With Simpl?

    Indeed, your UPI handle is a public identifier of your financial balance. So you will consistently need to affirm each installment before it can go through.

    Besides, your UPI handle is totally protected with us. They are PCI DSS consistent, and they won’t share your installment subtleties with any outsider.

    6. How Long Do Refunds Take On Simpl?

    Very much like paying with Simpl, refunds on Simpl are moment. In the event that you haven’t got a refund, it’s most likely on the grounds that it hasn’t been started by the merchant yet.

    In case you were guaranteed a refund it actually isn’t appearing on your Simpl account, drop them a message alongside the exchange subtleties and they’ll contact the merchant and have it settled for you. 🙂

    7. When Do I Pay My Simpl Bill?

    They should require the long stretch of July for instance.

    All exchanges from the first to the fifteenth will be recorded in one bill, which is created on the fifteenth evening. You’ll need to settle it within 5 days(20th July).

    Exchanges from the sixteenth to the 31st will be recorded in the following bill, which is created on the 31st(the last day of the month). Once more, you’ll need to settle it within 5 days(5th August).

    8. I’m Supposed To Get A Cashback. When Will It Reflect In My Simpl Account?

    Simpl runs various proposals across merchants. In case you are eligible for a cashback, it will be credited to your Simpl account within 24 hours post-repayment of your Simpl bill.

    On the off chance that you don’t get the cashback within 24 hours, if it’s not too much trouble, drop an email to them with a screenshot of the bill subtleties from your Simpl account so we can investigate and help you with the cashback. 🙂

    You can peruse more with regards to our present proposals here-

    9. The Money Left My Account While Paying Simpl, But The Payment Failed. What Should I Do Now?

    Sorry, you’ve needed to confront this!

    On the off chance that the sum was debited and the installment fizzled, relax! The sum will be automatically refunded back to your ledger within 5 working days.

    On the off chance that you face disappointment or some other related issue, do message them and they’ll have it checked with the bank.

    10. I Tried Paying Via UPI. My Account Got Debited, But The Payment Failed. What Do I Do?

    The odds of such a disappointment by means of UPI are uncommon. Yet, on the off chance that it occurs, relax. The cash will be automatically refunded by your bank within 5 working days. On the off chance that you face an installment disappointment or some other related issue, do message them and they’ll have it checked with the bank.

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