SafeMoon Coin (Token) Price, MarketCap, How to Buy? Predictions

Safemoon Coin

SafeMoon the new CryptoCurrency which can be the next 100x coin. We clearly explained the details regarding coins in this article.

What is the SafeMoon Coin? 

SafeMoon, a new form of cryptocurrency, is creating interest among enthusiasts, according to search trends. While developers have held live Ask Me Something (AMA) meetings to answer some queries, little is known about the cryptocurrency so far. SafeMoon, which was launched this month, claims to reward people who purchase and hold on to cryptocurrency while penalizing those who sell it. 

Going “to the moon” is a term popularized recently by the Reddit group WallStreetBets, who use it to describe an asset’s price skyrocketing. SafeMoon rewards participants by levying a ten percent penalty tax on sellers and redistributing five percent of the proceeds to those who already own the currency. A whitepaper report that outlines the features of a product such as a cryptocurrency—was reported to be accessible on the website by one Reddit user, but others said they couldn’t find it. When Newsweek tried to load the SafeMoon website, it seemed to be down. According to the company, website issues can arise as a result of “unexpected” demand.

The ‘whales’ inflate valuations, which almost always break, causing harm to the brand and its prospects. SafeMoon has concentrated on the production of its secret sauce,’ which is an automated liquidity pool in which loyal investors are rewarded and speculators are discouraged, to fix this issue. Sellers will pay a 10% levy, half of which will be redistributed to current investors, assisting in the creation of what they hope will be a “market floor.”

SafeMoon is simply attempting to emulate Warren Buffett’s investment strategy. The developers are eager to adopt the ‘buy and hold’ philosophy to dispel cryptocurrencies’ tarnished image as the investment world’s wild frontier. “Remember, getting to the moon takes time, and the longer you keep, the more tokens you pick up,” SafeMoon says on its Facebook page.

SafeMoon founder:

John Karony is the founder and CEO of SafeMoon. 

Their next steps:

  • The developers say they’re working on bringing WhiteBIT, a crypto-to-fiat currency exchange with over 150 trading pairs, and BitMart, a cryptocurrency trading site, to integrate. They intend to launch the NFT Exchange (where crypto users and businesses can trade non-fungible tokens) and the SafeMoon Exchange in the second quarter, as well as pursue partnerships with other exchanges including Binance and Mandala. They want to recruit more people, open an office in the United Kingdom/Ireland, and strengthen ties with African markets. SafeMoon is creating charitable programs, scholarships, crypto educational applications, and video games featuring SafeMoon to demonstrate their social responsibility.
  • Any investment decision must consider the value and potential for growth, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Given that institutional adoption is only just gaining traction, each Bitcoin is now worth about $60,000, with not-unrealistic estimates of $100,000. Bitcoin was up 3% in London this week on news that VISA is planning to join. BlackRock, Mastercard, Tesla, and PayPal are all on board, while Bitcoin was up 3% in London this week on news that VISA is planning to join as well.

Price of SafeMoon:

With a 24-hour trading volume of $ 4,45,40,215 USD, the current SafeMoon price is $0.000001 USD. In the last 24 hours, SafeMoon has lost 7.36 percent of its value. With a live market cap not open, the latest CoinMarketCap rating is #2380. The circulating stock is depleted, and the maximum supply is also depleted.

Safemoon Total Supply and Market Cap:

  • Market cap: $724,081,081.51
  • Total supply: 616,523.00 B
  • SafeMoon Price (BTC): 0.00000000
  • In 1 Hour: -0.65% 
  • In 24 hours: 12.88% 
  • In 7 days: 290.61% 
  • SafeMoon/Bitcoin Ratio: 1 BTC = 14.44 SAFEMOON

SafeMoon Protocols:

SafeMoon has three basic functions: Burn + Reflection + LP acquisition 

Each exchange is subject to a ten percent levy, which is divided into two ways.

  • The 5% fee is redistributed to all current holders.
  • The 5% fee is split 50/50, with half of the SAFEMOON tokens being sold into BNB by the contract, and the other half is immediately paired with the previously stated BNB and it is added as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap.

How to Buy SafeMoon Coin (Step by Step Process):

  • To purchase SafeMoon, cryptocurrency users must first purchase a Binance Coin (BNB) and then exchange it for SafeMoon.
  • Create Safewallet Account, Download the app. Available for iOS and Android, 
  • Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet From Binance.
  • Click More Button on Trust Wallet to Swap to Smart Chain
  • Open Trust Wallet Click on DApps Find and Click on PanCakeSwap
  • After Opening PanCakeSwap “Click on Connect” on the top right corner.
  • Go to CoinMarketCap and Copy the Address of SafeMoon
  • Paste the address and choose SafeMoon. select the amount you want to swap & Swap.

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Is SafeMoon Safe? 

To be honest, not much is known about the currency right now, so we’re reminding our readers, as we do with all new coins, to stay safe and mindful of the risks associated with trading and investing in crypto. They’re vulnerable to instability, price fluctuations, and other issues that can wreak havoc on one’s wealth and trading goals, so don’t dive in unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing.

Few tips to ensure safety:

Step 1: They burned all tokens in Dev Wallet before launch

Step 2: Fair launch on DxSale

Step 3: LP locked on DxLocker for about 4 years

Step 4: The LP generated with every trade is locked on Pancake. 


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