How to Reapply For Lost Pan Card? Duplicate Pancard

    Pan Card

    Pan Card: When it comes to paying taxes in India, Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a required document to get everything rolling with. Aside from filling in as a legitimate document of identity proof, PAN Card is basic while making any monetary exchanges, deal and buy, applying for Visa, and some more.

    Each Permanent Account Number assigned and PAN card gave is legitimate for a lifetime. Consequently, it would be an irritating encounter for one on the off chance that they lose their PAN Card or then again on the off chance that it gets taken. In such cases, individuals can apply for a duplicate PAN either online or offline. The people who incidentally lose it need not apply for another PAN. Nonetheless, you can apply for a duplicate PAN card to the income tax department.

    How to Get a Duplicate PAN Card

    Assuming one needs to present a request for a Duplicate PAN card, they can do as such by remembering the accompanying steps.

    Step 1. If there should be an occurrence of misfortune or robbery of one’s PAN card, they should promptly lodge a complaint to their closest police station and profit an acknowledgment or complaint copy of the FIR. Housing a complaint to the police and getting a copy of the equivalent would guarantee that the PAN Card ought not to be utilized deceitfully by anybody. It will likewise save you from being distinguished as the one liable

    Step 2. The individual would then need to visit the PAN or NSDL TIN Facilitation Center closest to their area and request the contact individual for form 49A. The individual should convey a request letter addressed to the IT Department for another PAN card, one visa-size-hued photo, identity proof, address proof, and a copy of FIR to submit alongside the form.

    Step 3. From that point forward, the applicant would be needed to fill in the form cautiously since any slip-up or wrong information will prompt the abrogation of the form. Then, at that point, the individual needs to glue the identification-size photo of self in the upper right-hand corner of the form and sign the photo.

    Step 4. In the wake of filling the application, one needs to append a DD or Check for the payment alongside afore-referenced documents and submit it to the PAN/NSDL office. One should write ‘Application for PAN change request’ on top of the envelope. Then again, the applicant can likewise send it to the PAN head-office address (referenced underneath) by post:

    National Securities Depository Limited,

    third Floor, Sapphire Chambers,

    Close to Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner,

    Pune – 411045.

    The duplicate PAN would arrive at the address given by the applicant inside a little while.

    Methodology for Lost Pan Card/Request for new PAN card for existing PAN

    The Tax Information Network, an auxiliary of the Income Tax Department gets various instances of lost PANs consistently, and it has patched up the whole cycle, working with the online exchange of information to speed things up. People who have lost their PAN or require a PAN card for their current pan card number can log on to the official website of TIN-NSDL or UTIITSL and explore the Lost PAN/request for a new PAN section. They are then expected to top off a lost pan card application form, giving information like their lost pan card number, name, and date of birth, father’s name, address, contact subtleties, and vital ID proofs.

    The Income Tax department will examine the lost pan card application form and issue a duplicate PAN card if all the information is precise and real. Both Indian Residents and foreigners can utilize this assistance to apply for a duplicate PAN card on the off chance that they lose their unique one.

    People who wish to apply physically can do as such by downloading the lost pan card application form from the official website, filling it and submitting it to the TIN Facilitation cum PAN focuses nearest to them. These focuses are available the nation over, in practically all towns and urban areas.

    Instructions to apply for Lost Pan Card Online

    There are satisfactory arrangements set up to cover the loss of PAN cards, with an alternative to reprint a card given by the public authority. So in the event that you have lost your PAN card and aren’t certain concerning what should be done straight away, the following are a couple of straightforward steps which you need to follow to get a reprinted card.

    • Log onto the official website of TIN-NSDL and explore the section on the online application for PAN.

    • Once here, pick the alternative “Reprint of PAN card.” This choice can be picked if your PAN Card was taken, lost, or lost.

    • On tapping the aforementioned link, you will be coordinated to an alternate page, where you need to tap on the “Online Application for changes/adjustment in PAN information” link.

    • Clicking the aforementioned link will take you to a page that features the rules concerning what should be done straight away. Post perusing these rules one can pick the kind of PAN they lost (individual, company, firm, HUF, and so forth)

    • They will currently be needed to top off a lost pan card application form, giving subtleties like their lost pan number, name, communication address, telephone number, email id, and so forth Documents like photographs and ID proof should be submitted alongside the Lost pan card application form, with an applicant expected to sign it before accommodation.

    • The lost pan card application form can be submitted either online or posted to NSDL, alongside essential documents.

    • Payment of Rs 107 (if the communication address is inside the nation) or Rs 989 (if the communication address is outside India) ought to be made, either however credit/debit card, net banking, or demand draft.

    • On fruitful payment an acknowledgment number will be created which can be utilized for additional correspondence.

    • A duplicate PAN with a similar pan number will be conveyed to the address in around fourteen days.

    When do you need to apply for a duplicate PAN card

    A duplicate PAN card can be applied in the accompanying circumstances :

    • Loss/robbery: People often convey their PAN cards in their wallets or pockets, it is feasible to lose them when there is a burglary of wallet/purse. It is a significant normal justification for various applications to the department in India.

    • Misplaced: There are numerous events when individuals leave the card someplace and afterward be uncertain of really where they had kept it.

    • Damaged: Reprinting the PAN card is the main answer for any sort of harm to the current PAN card. Change in information: It is conceivable that the information and signature entered at the hour of applying for PAN changes with the time. For this situation, we are left with just a single arrangement, for example, to change it and reprint the card with the information changed.

    Step by step instructions to surrender duplicate PAN card

    It isn’t reasonable by the income tax law to have more than one Permanent Account Number. In any case, there are chances that you can get more than one PAN card having a similar number of various numbers. The taxpayers need not stress over this issue. Follow these steps and submit the duplicate or inaccurate PAN card to the income tax department:

    • Write a letter addressed to your evaluating officer and give every one of the details like your complete name, date of birth, details about the PAN card to be held and details of the PAN card to be surrendered.

    • You can speed post the letter or hand over something similar to the evaluating officer and get an acknowledgment receipt.

    • The acknowledgment receipt is proof that a duplicate PAN card has been dropped.

    FAQs On Lost PAN Card

    Q. I have lost my PAN card. Would I be able to get another one?

    Indeed, you can. In any case, it is smarter to get a reprint of the PAN card that you have lost.

    Q. Would I be able to get a soft copy of the lost PAN card?

    No, you can’t get a soft copy of the lost PAN card.

    Q. How can I say whether my PAN card is from NSDL or UTIITSL?

    The PAN card gave by NSDL will have the printed date composed on the front side while that isn’t the situation when it comes to the PAN card gave by UTIITSL.

    Q. I have lost my PAN card and I additionally forgot my PAN number. What is the method to reissue a PAN card?

    To reissue a PAN card, the system included is as per the following:

    1. Visit

    2. Select ‘PAN’ from under the ‘Services’ tab

    3. Click on ‘Apply’ under ‘Reprint of PAN Card’

    4. Fill in the details and click on ‘Submit’

    5. Next, adhere to the directions in the comparing screens

    6. On fruitful submission of the application, an acknowledgment number would be given through which the application can be followed

    Q. I lost my PAN card and I need another one with the old PAN number. How might I continue?

    You can follow these steps and get another PAN card with the old PAN card.

    1. Visit

    2. Select ‘PAN’ from under the ‘Services’ tab

    3. Click on ‘Apply’ under ‘Reprint of PAN Card’

    4. Fill in the details and click on ‘Submit’

    5. Next, adhere to the directions in the comparing screens

    6. On fruitful submission of the application, an acknowledgment number would be given through which the application can be followed

    Q. I have lost my PAN card and I likewise forgot my PAN number. The PAN number is a HUF. I don’t have its date of incorporation. How would I get a duplicate PAN card?

    It would be better in the event that you reach out to the NSDL officials as they might be more qualified to help you in regards to the matter. You can call them on 020 – 27218080 for an entire day between 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

    Q. How track down the proprietor of a lost PAN card?

    The best thing to do on the off chance that you track down a lost PAN card is to hand it over to the police or at the closest TIN facilitation focus. Submitting it at the TIN facilitation focus will most presumably prompt it to be gotten back to the proprietor as the officials can check the database and discover the address of the individual to which the PAN card has a place.

    Q. How would I know my PAN card number however my PAN card is lost?

    Assuming you need to know your Permanent Account Number (PAN) after the card is lost, the best thing to do is to:

    1. Visit

    2. Click on ‘Know Your PAN’

    3. Fill in the details requested

    4. Click on ‘Submit’

    5. Enter the OTP sent on the mobile number

    6. Click on ‘Validate’

    7. In the comparing screen, the PAN, name, jurisdiction, and so forth are shown

    Q. Would someone be able to utilize my lost PAN card?

    No. In any case, it is smarter to record a complaint with the police if the card is lost. This proves to be useful in the event that some unforeseen circumstances emerge later on.

    Q. How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that I have more than one PAN?

    You should surrender the extra PANs that you have.

    Q. How might I surrender the extra PAN cards?

    To surrender the extra PAN cards, you need to fill and submit the Change/Correction in the PAN Data form. On fruitful submission, all extra PAN separated from the presently utilized one should be submitted to the IT officials for wiping out.

    Q. Do I have to pay in the event that I request a reprint of my lost PAN card?

    Indeed, you need to pay for requesting a reprint of your lost PAN card.

    Q. What amount do I have to pay for the reprint of the PAN card?

    The sum should have been paid for reprint and dispatch of PAN card inside the nation is Rs.110 including GST, while for reprint and dispatch of PAN card outside the country the expense payable is Rs.1,020.

    Q. Are there whatever other extra charges that I need to cause?

    No, there are no extra costs that you need to bring about.

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