Paytm Crosses 1.2 Bn Monthly Transactions


Paytm Money Provider Platform reported that it had surpassed the $1.2 billion monthly transaction threshold due to its offline costs and the huge growth in the number of Money Providers. Cards and net banking and also include all pricing strategies.

He also said that offline provider financing has increased by 15% every month”. The company now sells digital pricing strategies that give customers more options and consolidate their management space.

Paytm, a financing agency and digital financial provider surpassed 1 billion transactions per month for the second consecutive month in February. 

Thanks to its Unified Financial Interface (UPI), handheld computer, gaming card, and net banking pricing strategies, the company said in a release.

Paytm, which saw a 15 percent increase in monthly transactions, said the volume is again coming from its financial providers and retailers for offline merchandise.

As per Paytm

According to Paytm, about 17 million retailers have used its services. It offers retail products and QR, Paytm all-in-one applications for Android POS, Soundbox, and Paytm for business. It claims to have over 150 million active customers per month.

“We now sell all digital pricing strategies, giving our customers a much wider choice, which helps us integrate our management space. Most of our customers started their digital journey with Paytm and are now adopting our financial services.

In terms of demographics, he said Paytm has digitally financed more than 600,000 villages, and there are more than 2 million points of sale in those villages, helping to popularize online transactions.

She said more than 50 percent of the service provider’s partners have accounts with the Paytm Fund’s financial institution. Also, more than 50% of Paytm cash clients are new wealth management service providers. Paytm Postpaid, Paytm’s microfinance business, has gained more than 7 million clients in its first six months of operation, the agency said.

Market Share In The UPI Market

Paytm has steadily gained market share in the UPI market, including in transactions. The Paytm lender is the third-largest contributor to UPI transactions, with nearly 332.6 million transactions in January.

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