OneCard Metal Credit Card | Review, Apply, Features, Interest Rate

OneCard Metal Credit Card

About OneCard Credit Card

It is safe to say that since the time credit cards first spawn in the market, the core idea is the same – you buy on credit and repay on time. As time passed, new companies emerged with new marketing plans to promote their product. The latest in the market is OneCard offered by IDFC FIRST Bank Ltd.  The company is promoting it to be the best metal credit card available in India. So, today we will explore OneCard and figure out what they are offering.

OneCard Credit Card Features


Now before diving into that discussion of whether or not you should get it, let us know what they are providing. So, here are the best features of the OneCard credit card:

  1. Access from the Mobile app: There is a dedicated mobile app available in both Apple and Android. The card setup process is super easy and it gets activated really quickly. From there you can make your bill payments, make international payments, and even set up ATM pins. The app also allows you to raise disputes against any payment you make.
  2. Virtual Credit Card: They build OneCard keeping given the future needs. That is one they are offering Virtual credit card on top of the regular metal card that you will get physically. You can use the virtual card from the mobile app.
  3. No Hidden fees commitment: OneCard is committing to not levy any other additional fees that can shock you at the end of the month. So, there are no Joining fees, no fees on rewards redemption, and no annual maintenance fees as well.
  4. The Metal Card: In today’s world, looks matters! So, OneCard has prepared stunning looks for the physical card. Of course, the highlight is the card is made of metal. So, that automatically makes it tough compared to any other plastic card that tends to break sometimes.

OneCard Credit Card Charges and Interest Rate

The fee structure of OneCard (Official Site) is pretty straightforward. As mentioned before, there are no fees for the card activation process. Neither there is a cost for rewards redemption. One other factor that makes OneCard stand out from most credit card companies is there is no AMC.

As far as the charges, they charge 1%+GST as the Mark Up fee, and the Interest rate is 2.5%. However, you should know that there may be fees levy on you if you failed to repay the credit amount on time. Meanwhile, the table below should give you a better idea in a glimpse.

Charges For Charges Percentage / Amount
Joining Fee Nil
Reward Redemption fee Nil
Markup fee 1% + GST
Interest rate 2.5%
Late Payment Fee ₹125 (It may increase if unable to pay at a longer time).

How to Apply for OneCard Credit Card?

There is a disclaimer that you should first notice before you apply for OneCard. It is available in 15 Indian cities, most notable of them are Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & Delhi. So, we advise you to check whether or not you reside in the city that they offer service, in the first place.

Here are the steps you to apply:

  1. Download the OneScore app from Google Playstore or the Apple Store respectively. 
  2. Over there you should be able to check your Credit Score for free. From the app, you can apply for an OneCard Credit card provided you meet the minimum criteria.
  3. They may put you on the waiting list for various reasons. However, they will notify you if and when you become eligible to apply.

OneCard Reward Points

One of the primary reasons for using a credit card is to get the benefits of purchasing products or services every time you use them. OneCard, therefore, offers hefty rewards points that you can simply check in the following table:

Regular Rewards 1 RP/ Rs.50
Accelerated Rewards 5X RP on top 2 categories
Point Value 10 Ps to Rs.1
Regular Reward rate 0.2% to 2%
Accelerated Reward rate 1% to 10%

*One disclaimer here is if you load money to any wallet, you will not get any rewards points. It is applicable for any merchant payment only.

OneCard Founders and Investors

We have mentioned previously that OneCard is a product of IDFC FIRST Bank Ltd. They are working in association with FPL Technologies Private Limited (FPL). One of the primary reasons OneCard exists is that the company is backed by some marquee investors. The likes of Matrix India, Sequoia, and Hummingbird are a few noteworthy names.

OneCard Credit Card Customer Care Details

The vision of OneCard is futuristic. The reason you can trust it because of its incredible customer support team. Here is how you can reach them:

Mode of Contact Contact Information
Contact Number 080 4557 5559
Physical Address FPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

D-27, Bootstart, Varsha Park

Baner, Pune 411045

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The Conclusion

From a neutral perspective, OneCard is a fantastic initiative. The fee structure should provide smiles in the faces of the long-time credit card user. It is easy to apply and quick to activate. So, we recommend you should give it a try!


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