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MoonToken Crypto

Moon Token Details: We keep it simple, we moon it. Another token in the run! Note the token address of moon: 0x81E4d494b85A24a58a6BA45c9B418b32a4E039de. Read this complete article to know more MoonToken in detail. 

About Moon Token Coin:

Moon Token is a self-sufficient yield. It is a liquidity propagating protocol that instantly repays the token holders. Also, increases liquidity continuity. 

This token rewards the investors just for holding; the longer you hold, the bigger the reward! The best component about the Moontoken idea is that the liquidity pool automatically increases. Thus, the pool originates from a miniature opening pool.

Moon Token Price:

Moon Token Price: $0.0000002

The existing Moon Token price now is USD 2.00e-7 with a 24-hour trading capacity of USD 91,361.61. This means that the Moon Token is higher at 99.97% in the closing 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3205 but has a live market cap of not free. The current supply of MoonToken is not possible. It has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 MOON coins.

This MoonToken plan is a community-owned project that is produced with the abilities and opinions of the community. Here everyone is allowed to compete.

Moon Token Supply and MarketCap

MoonToken Coin

With a total supply 1,000,000,000,000,000 5,000,000,000,000 tokens limitation for business. It is around 0.5% of the entire supply of tokens. For every transaction, an 8% fee is automatically attached to the liquidity pool and it gets locked forever. Next, a 2% fee for every transaction is automatically assigned to all the token holders.

​Then, 50% impairment to the black hole occurs on day 1. Here, the black hole is labeled as a token holder that also earns a share of every transaction fee that is burnt.

The current supply of tokens is regularly reduced. 8% fee from the liquidity pool is addressed as the share that the contract devises, and the contract further sells it. Then, this share is automatically added back to the liquidity pool.

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Moon Token Chart:

Moon Token Coin Future Price Prediction:

Current Price: USD 0.00000020

  • 2021: USD 0.00000030
  • 2022: USD 0.00000032
  • 2023: USD 0.00000042
  • 2024: USD 0.00000052
  • 2025: USD 0.00000059
  • 2026: USD 0.00000069
  • 2027: USD 0.00000080
  • 2028: USD 0.00000091

How to Buy Moon Token Step by Step Process with Metamask Wallet?

After referring to all the details about MoonToken let’s proceed towards the steps to buy this token. 

Step 1: First, download and configure the Metamask wallet. 

Step 2: Then, create an account in Binance Smart Chain System.

Step 3: Add funds to your account through BNB.

Step 4: Visit the official site of PANCAKESWAP

Step 5: Connect with your Metamask wallet here.

Step 6: Next, add your token address.

Step 7: Swap BNB to get MoonToken. 

Step 8: Don’t forget to set the slippage settings to 11%.

Step 9: Click on the swap button.

Step 10: Lastly, add MoonToken to your wallet.

And it’s done! Now, you have your own MoonToken.

How to Buy Moon Token Coin (Token) Step by Step Process with TrustWallet? 

  • To purchase MoonToken, cryptocurrency users must first purchase a Binance Coin (BNB) and then exchange it for MoonToken.
  • Create Trustwallet Account, Download the app. Available for iOS and Android,
  • Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet From Binance.
  • Click More Button on Trust Wallet to Swap to Smart Chain
  • Open Trust Wallet Click on DApps Find and Click on PanCakeSwap
  • After Opening PanCakeSwap “Click on Connect” on the top right corner.
  • Go to CoinMarketCap and Copy the Address of MoonToken 0x81E4d494b85A24a58a6BA45c9B418b32a4E039de″ Copy this
  • Paste the address and choose MoonShot. select the amount you want to swap & Swap.


Q. What will be the lowest price of Moon Token in the future?

Up to USD 0.00000082

Q. What will be the highest price of Moon Token in the future?

Up to $0.00000099 USD

Q. Investment in Moon Token is profitable or loss-making?

Yes, Moon Token is a valuable investment based on our forecasting.

Q: What is the Contract Address of MoonToken Coin?

Contract Address: “0x81E4d494b85A24a58a6BA45c9B418b32a4E039de”

Q: Is MoonToken Listed in CoinMarketcap?

Yes, Listed in CoinMarketCap

Q: What is the Official Website of Moon Token?



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