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What is LocalBitcoins?

LocalBitcoins is a shared bitcoin marketplace based in Helsinki, Finland. Its administration facilitates over-the-counter trading of local money for bitcoins. Clients post advertisements on the site, where they state exchange rates and payment strategies for buying or selling bitcoins.

Different clients answer these advertisements and make the payment in determining payment strategy. LocalBitcoins has a reputation and feedback mechanism for clients and an escrow and compromise administration. As of December 2013, LocalBitcoins has around 110,000 active traders with a trading volume of 1,400–3,000 bitcoins each day.

Founder and Team of LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins was established in June 2012 by Jeremias Kangas. He executed an escrow framework for the marketplace before the finish of 2012. The site started generating income by the start of 2013.

History of LocalBitcoins

In September 2016, access from Russia to LocalBitcoins was impeded by Roskomnadzor, the chief agency for telecommunications in Russia, after the finance service proposed criminalizing the utilization of bitcoin. LocalBitcoins posted guidelines for clients on the best way to bypass the access limitations. In 2018, LocalBitcoins headed the rundown of best financially performing companies in Finland arranged by the local specialized publication Kauppalehti.

In 2014, 2016, and 2018 individuals who utilized the site were arrested for illegal tax avoidance and related wrongdoings. In January 2019, hackers took bitcoin worth $28,200 from clients’ LocalBitcoins accounts. In June 2019, LocalBitcoins eliminated local cash ads from their site. On September 2019, Sebastian Sonntag became the new CEO of Localbitcoins.

In November 2019, LocalBitcoins.com got registered as a Virtual Currency Provider by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Trading, Deposit, and Withdrawal Fees

  • Trading charge: 0.00% Taker Fee/1.00% Maker Fee
  • Deposit charge: Varies
  • Withdrawal charge: 0.00035BTC

How to Create a LocalBitcoins account?

  1. Go to https://localbitcoins.com/and click on the huge green ‘Sign up free’ button.
  2. Enter your details and click on ‘Register’
  3. Confirm your account by going to the email account you gave and following the connection in the registration email they sent you.
  4. You presently have a Wallet that enables you to buy and sell bitcoins and use them to purchase items. You can perceive the number of bitcoins you have in your wallet close to the Bitcoin ‘B’ at the right-hand side of the top device bar on the landing page.
  5. Click on the ‘B’ and it will take you to a page that allows you to send bitcoins and reveals to you your remarkable bitcoin address which comprises of an extensive rundown of numbers and letters eg: 12w3xe3f1bxVqaHCBjG89tuAMV2NX8dFbw

How to Login into LocalBitcoins?

You can basically sign in with your email address and the password you had set during the registration of your account.

Assuming you had activated 2-factor authentication during your registration, you should give a 2FA code that will be shipped off your registered gadget each time you login into your account.

Documents for LocalBitcoins account approval

With the goal for you to have access to the full functionality of the site, the framework offers you to go through a quick data verification method.

Localbitcoins gives 4 distinctive account levels that vary in the allowable trading volume for a year:

  1. Tier 0 – up to € 1000;
  2. Tier 1 – up to € 20,000;
  3. Tier 2 – up to € 200,000;
  4. Tier 3 – has no restrictions.

Verification on the Localbitcoins exchange is conceivable in your account, menu “Account Security”, submenu “Verification”. Here is the necessary information for a totally confirmed LocalBitcoins account:

  • Real complete name
  • Country of Residence
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address check
  • ID verification
  • KYC data
  • Proof of residence
  • Extra ID verification

LocalBitcoins Account Approval time?

Because of the increased workload, the average verification time is 2-3 days. While checking your ID, make sure to utilize high goal and unedited photos of a valid supported record.

How to Buy Bitcoins with cash on LocalBitcoins?

  1. Log in to your localbitcoins.com account.
  2. Click on ‘Buy Bitcoins’ on the left-hand side of the instrument bar at the highest point of the page.
  3. You will see a rundown of sellers in your local area with the accompanying information:

SELLER–this gives you the name of the seller and their stats: (100+, 100%) indicates that they have made more than 100 trades and have a 100% positive rating. We would suggest utilizing a seller with these stats. On the off chance that there is a green spot close to their name they are on the web and active, an earthy colored spot is inactive and a gray spot is disconnected.

Portrayal – this discloses to you the seller’s preferred payment technique.

Value/BTC – this reveals to you the seller’s cost per bitcoin in your local cash.

Cutoff points – this reveals to you the most minimal and most elevated amount they will sell.

PAYMENT METHOD – the seller’s payment technique choices.

  1. Choose a seller who has a decent rate and stats, as far as possible for you, your favored payment strategy, and who is online and active (green spot), and click ‘Buy’ close to their data (don’t stress you are under no obligation to buy at this point).
  2. The next page will give you a presentation and portrayal of the seller’s terms on the right-hand side. You will probably find that for a first-time sale they will expect you to scan and send some form of ID to demonstrate that your name compares with your bank account (drivers permit/passport/bank card with numbers covered or something similar), so make sure you have that available before you push ahead with the trade.
  3. Type the amount of bitcoin you need into the blue BTC box and the amount you will pay in your local money will appear in the blue box on the left.
  4. Add a remark to present yourself and ask any inquiries (ie: “Hello there this is my first bitcoin trade”), and click on ‘Send trade request’.
  5. The next page will allow you to chat in real an ideal opportunity with the seller, give your ID, and adhere to their guidelines to transfer assets to them. You will message a real individual now, so they ought to have the option to control you through the final few stages.

How to Sell Bitcoins?

To sell bitcoins, it is important for you to have them on the balance of your wallet. Instructions to renew the balance on Localbitcoins we have already thought to be above, so we go further.

  1. Selling bitcoin on the exchange is similar to buying. Go to the “Sell Bitcoins” menu or change to the “Quick Sale” tab in the buy/sell window on the main page.
  2. As with a purchase, in the search box, enter the number of Bitcoins for sale, your local money, country, and payment technique.
  3. Some of the proposed payment strategies are very unsafe, therefore, Localbitcoins prescribes to clients to pick okay payment techniques, including bank transfers and others.
  4. From the rundown of offers to buy bitcoin gave by the framework we center around the rating and different indicators of traders.
  5. After picking the seller generally suitable for you, go to the transaction details by clicking the “Buy” button.
  6. In the transaction details window, and by pay attention to the terms of sale. In the case of everything that suits you, enter the amount in the blue field and indicate your payment details for payment. In the event that cash payment is given, remember to indicate in the chat with the buyer the time and place of the gathering. Then, click the “Send a request for a deal.”
  7. Note, that you need to send bitcoins to the buyer solely after the payment has been getting into your account. To finish the transaction, select the “Send Bitcoins” choice.

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LocalBitcoins Customer Care details

Email Id :

  • info@localbitcoins.com
  • security@localbitcoins.com

LocalBitcoins Office address:

LocalBitcoins Oy

Porkkalankatu 24

00180 Helsinki


Final Review of LocalBitcoins

Generally, reviews about Local Bitcoin are positive. One of the main positive aspects of the site is its fast exchange rate.

And in general, clients are extremely pleased with the site. Yet, unfortunately, there are also negative reviews about Local Bitcoin, which don’t look like custom ones. For example, clients complain about the lack of a portable application.

In addition, in the past couple of years, the organization is loaded up with reviews of the “plans” for cheating newbies. In addition, the name of the site appears in high-profile cases, where they were indicted for fraudulent transactions by LocalBitcoins traders.

Fortunately, the exchange isn’t waiting and attempting to regain a positive reputation. The team acquainted mandatory verification with access to a few alternatives of the exchange and canceled the bitcoin exchange face to face.


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