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    Jupiter Money

    Jupiter Money Review and Details.

    What is Jupiter Money?

    Jupiter is a digital retail bank that spends significant time in legal, accounting, accounting, auditing exercises, tax consultancy, statistical surveying and general assessment surveying, and business and management consultancy. Jupiter is India’s first and just co-made banking experience committed to Millenials. 

    Documents Required to Create a Jupiter Money Account?

    Some of the documents needed to open an account are as follows:

    • Age and identity proof, such as driving license, permanent account number (PAN) card, passport, Aadhar card, or voter ID
    • Address proof like passport, utility or telecom bill, or Aadhar card
    • Recent passport-sized photographs
    • Senior citizens must provide age proof while opening a senior citizens savings account
    • Parents or guardian must submit their documents along with the minor’s birth certificate while opening a kid or minor savings account

    Jupiter Money Bank Account Charges and Interest Rates:

    Get a chequebook No charges on the first cheque book of 5 leaves

    Additional requests will be charged at ₹3/- per leaf and courier cost of ₹60/- per kit.

    The cheque book facility is only available for Verified(FKYC Completed) members.

    Demand draft 1 demand draft-free, once a year.
    After that, you will be charged:
    Issued against bank account debit

    • ₹30 for draft upto ₹5,000
    • ₹50 for a draft from ₹5,001 to ₹10,000
    • ₹4 per ₹1,000. Subject to a minimum of ₹50 – For draft from ₹10,001 to ₹1,00,00
    • ₹4 per 1000 subject to a maximum of ₹10,000 – For draft from ₹1,00,001 and above
    Demand draft against cash

    • ₹100 for draft upto ₹10,000(including GST)
    • ₹8 per ₹1,000. Subject to a minimum of ₹100 – For draft from ₹10,001 to a max of ₹49,999(including GST)
    Fees for NEFT/RTGS transfers No charges for first 5 transactions per year. After that, you will be charged:
    RTGS at the branch

    • ₹20 per transaction for ₹2 lacs to ₹5 lac
    • ₹45 per transaction above ₹5 lakhs
    NEFT at the branch

    • ₹2 per transaction upto ₹10,000
    • ₹4 per transaction from ₹10,001 to ₹1 lac
    • ₹14 per transaction from ₹1,00,001 to ₹2 lacs
    • ₹20 per transaction for ₹2 lacs and above
    Fees for Branch Visit. For any of the following:

    • Address Confirmation
    • Photo Attestation
    • Balance Confirmation
    • Signature Verification
    • Cheque
    • Electronic clearing services (ECS)
    • Demand Darft (DD) cancellation
    • Bank Statement
    No charges for 5 visits per year.
    Any other requests, ₹100 per visit
    Charges incase you fail to honour standing instructions for recurring deposit, mutual funds SIPs ₹100 per instance. Only first return in a month will be charged
    Electronic Clearing service (ECS) or National Automated clearing house (NACH) debit failure ₹350 per transaction. ₹180 for return of ECS/NACH transaction for the first time
    Account Closure Closure can be initiated from the branch
    Within 6 months – ₹100
    After 6 months before 12 months – ₹300
    After 12 months – no charges

    Note: No charges if the account is closed within 14 days from the first deposit into the account.
    Charges related to Locker, Cheque Collection or any other Charges More details


    How to Create a Jupiter Money Bank Account? 

    Jupiter is as yet in the early access stage. You can sign up for its waitlist on the Jupiter site. 

    Step by step instructions to Open Saving Account: 

    1) Firstly, open the Android store and type Jupiter to download the app. 

    2) Now, open the Jupiter app for registering on them. 

    3) Then, enter your mobile number and get a verification code to get your account. 

    4) Fourthly, enter your PAN card number, and empower all the authorization for simple access. 

    5) After that, add your Aadhar card number to finish KYC verification; you will get a code on your mobile number. 

    6) Enter that code and verify your Aadhar verification > presently, add your personal residence, email address, father name, mother name, and the sky is the limit from there. 

    7) Once you entered all the right data > then, click on the continue button to proceed to the Jupiter platform. 

    8) Now, you will go to the dashboard, your saving account has been effectively opened. 

    9) Then, go to the card option from the given option and get your data of Jupiter card. 

    10) Lastly, use your card on web-based shopping and acquire cashback.

    Jupiter Money Debit Card Charges

    Get a physical debit card for the first time No charges
    Replacement fees in case of wear and tear or lost card No charges
    Yearly charges on debit card No charges
    Transaction fees if you use Federal bank ATM No charges
    Transaction fees if you use an ATM other than Federal bank
    • Free for first 5 transactions per month
    • After 5 transactions, ₹20 for cash withdrawal & ₹10 for balance check or mini statement per transaction
    Cash withdrawal from any ATM outside India ₹100 per cash withdarwal + 3.5% forex charges
    Balance check or mini statement from any ATM outside India ₹25 per enquiry
    Cross currency forex charges on international debit card transactions 3.5% forex charges
    Transaction decline fee at ATM due to insufficient funds 😱 At Federal Bank ATM – No Charges
    At any other ATM – Rs 25 per instance
    Transaction decline fee in stores due to insufficient funds 😥 No charges


    Jupiter Money Customer Care Number and Email Id:

    Email at: contact@jupiter.money

    Jupiter Money Registered Address:

    The company is registered in Delhi (Delhi) Registrar Office. Jupiter Financial Services Private Limited registered address is 812ASHOKA ESTATE 24 BARAKHAMBA ROAD NEW DELHI DL 110001 IN.

    Company Sub-category: Non-govt company

    Company Class: Private

    Registrar Office City: Delhi

    Jupiter Money Founders:

    Jupiter Money Founder

    Jupiter Money is being worked by a lot of all-around achieved people. Its CEO Jitendra Gupta was the founder of Citrus Pay, which he sold for $130 Mn in 2016. One more remarkable individual associated with the Jupiter Money Project is Anupam Bagchi who recently worked at Standard Chartered and Axis Bank. At Axis Bank, Anupam was the Vice – President of the Digital Banking area. You can join the shortlist so when the Jupiter Bank goes live, you can get early access including an additional cashback rate for the initial three months.

    Jupiter Money App Details (iOS and Android)

    Jupiter android app is exclusively available to selected early users. If you’re an iOS user, you’ll have to wait for just a little longer. Download the android app from Play Store.

    Jupiter Money Referral Code

    Install the Jupiter platform and get all the underneath benefits: 

    Procure Cashback on Friends Joining | Referral Code 

    1) The individuals will get an opportunity to open a free saving account in the event that they enter the legitimate details on the Jupiter platform. 

    2) When you share the code with your companions and use it on Jupiter, you will get a cashback reward. 

    3) This platform is accessible for existing users who have effectively applied, yet new users can likewise open an account in the wake of mentioning it. 

    4) Referral cashback is usable on Jupiter services, however, it terminates after some time. 

    5) Get 10% cashback on all UPI and Debit card spends for the initial 2000 in waitlist. 

    1. 5% for 2,001 – 5,000 
    2. 3% for 5,001 – 10,000 
    3. 2% for 10,001 – 25,000 
    4. 1.5% for 25,001 – 1,00,000 

    Invite more to go up on the waitlist. 

    Instructions to Share the Jupiter Refer and Earn: 

    1) Open the Jupiter app on your smartphone and click on the prize section from the footer. 

    2) Now, click on the allude and procure option from the given page, and you will go to the referral page. 

    3) Click to duplicate your referral connect and send it to your companions through friendly channels. 

    4) When your companion uses your code, then you will get a cashback reward.

    Final Review of Jupiter Money

    Jupiter isn’t itself a bank. It’s not authorized by RBI to be a bank, rather, it’s utilizing the framework and institutional establishment of the Federal Bank. Government Bank is by all accounts the essential decision of each new Neo bank in India. Possibly on the grounds that they offer serious commission rates and their guidelines are not difficult to coordinate. 

    This means when you store money into your Jupiter account, Federal Bank is the place where you’re money is saved and managed. Government Bank is additionally where your money is guaranteed by the RBI and remained careful. Up to 5 Lakh INR is guaranteed by RBI. Your Debit Card is managed, given and installments to traders through your card are settled by VISA. Your complaints, chargebacks, everything is settled by VISA too. Jupiter offers a check card in addition to an ATM card, so you can utilize it to pull out money, execute at neighborhood shippers and do online shopping. I think you’ll get a PayWave card where you can draw certain lines for explicit transactions like in an ICICI check card. You will actually want to control the card, block it, put forth the transaction line, freeze it when you need to, etc. 


    1. When will the iOS app be available? 

    We’re trying the Jupiter iOS app to ensure all is functioning admirably. You can hope to get access to the app in August – we’ll connect with you when it’s free. 

    1. I have a Federal Bank account. When can my Jupiter account be opened? 

    At some point towards the finish of August. We’re buckling down with Federal Bank to set up a process around this. Just wrapping up a couple of things so we can carry it out at the earliest opportunity. We’ll tell you when we can open your Jupiter account. 

    1. How would I delete my Jupiter account? 

    The Customer might demand for termination of the Account or Facility any time by giving a composed notification of somewhere around 30 days to The Bank. The Customer will stay answerable for any exchanges made through Jupiter App before the hour of such undoing of Facility. 

    1. Is Jupiter a neo bank? 

    Jupiter has fabricated a neobank for buyers in India. The startup, which dispatched its eponymous platform in beta in June, is endeavoring to bring “delight” to the banking experience.

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