Inubis Token Price, How to Buy? Predictions, Coin Supply, and Market Cap


Inubis Token Details

INUBIS is an ERC20 token that has a redistribution program for holders. Subsequently, they procure automated revenue. In this way, investors can sit back, unwind and watch their totals of $Inubis that can develop endlessly. For purchases, redistribution’s level is 3%. Be that as it may, for deals, it’s 5%. Additionally, the $Inubis smart contract applies Bot Protection to impede marksman bots. In addition, Inubis ensures the interests of investors by boycotting bots.

About Inubis Token

$Inubis token is a 100% decentralized, community-centered undertaking. Every transaction will contribute towards $Inubis’ development.

One of the objectives of Inubis makers and the community is to embrace creatures and to secure valuable natural surroundings all throughout the planet and every one of the animal groups which depend on them. A piece of the assessment gathered will be added to where the funding is generally required, which incorporates embracing and ensuring environments of creatures like dolphins, rhinos, penguins, elephants, panthers, polar bears, pandas, and gorillas.

Inubis Token Tokenomics

  • Complete supply: 100 Trillion
  • Liquidity: 94%
  • Dev Team: 3%
  • Marketing: 3%

Liquidity will be locked perpetually and contract proprietorship will be repudiated to guarantee security for every one of our holders

Inubis Token Price, Coin Supply, and Market Cap

• Token Name: Inubis

• Symbol: INUBIS

• Website

• Token complete supply: 100,000,000,000,000

• Fully Diluted Market Cap: $2,087,308.79

Inubis price today is $0.000000020502 with a 24-hour trading volume of $592,767. INUBIS price is up 436.6% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 INUBIS coins.

Inubis Token Features


Holders procure latent prizes through redistribution. They can sit back, unwind and watch their total of $Inubis develop endlessly.

For purchases, redistribution will be 3% and for sells, redistribution will be 5%.


$Inubis contract will buy back and consume $Inubis tokens from the DEX pool. This will lessen coursing supply and thusly builds $Inubis’ cost.

For purchases, the buyback will be 3% and for sells, the buyback will be 5%.

Bot Protection

$Inubis smart contract utilizes a high-level calculation to impede rifleman bots. Inubis is worked to secure the interests of investors.

All realized bot tends to will be boycotted as well.


Inubis will initially be delivered on Ethereum.


Tomb swap will be the proprietary dex where everybody can swap all the cryptographic forms of money accessible on the particular blockchain stages.

Tomb Games and NFT

Tomb games will be the gaming foundation of Inubis where many fascinating games will be delivered. NFT collectibles printed will be utilized as game resources.

How to Buy INUBIS Token?

To buy INUBIS tokens for USDT do three straightforward advances:

1. Fund your account with USDT. On the off chance that you don’t have crypto, you can buy USDT with a bank card in a couple of moments.

2. Open the INUBIS/USDT order book and submit your trade request to purchase.

3. Withdraw INUBIS tokens to your own ERC20 wallet or hold them on the account.

Inubis Token Future Predictions

The most minimal cost of (INUBIS) in the future can be Upto $0.0000000844 USD while the greatest cost of (INUBIS) in the future can be Upto $0.0000001038 USD. (INUBIS) the cost will expand as per anticipated information in the future. The cost of 1 (INUBIS) can roughly be up to $0.0000000369 USD in 1 year’s time a 2X almost from the current Inubis cost.

Inubis Token Contract Address:

Address: “0xab917b34b57f1c01c5df8ddc0f75828e3914fce6″

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