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    FI Money

    FI Money Bank Details:


    What is FI Money?

    Fi is an as of late settled company offering a scope of services, including p2p installments to finance moves and bill payments.

    Fi resembles a staff colleague that gives various elements that make banking bother-free. The capacity to pull out from any ATM, lucidity in charges, and an easy-to-understand dashboard make Fi an extraordinary online baking platform.

    Additionally, there are cash-backs and rewards which can be reclaimed on chosen outlets. In addition, clients can set aside 5.1% interest on terms with the adaptable and smart deposit choices. Likewise, individual insights permit you to bring in better money choices and considerably more.

    Fi endeavors to maintain elevated expectations of secrecy, wellbeing, and security when using the assets or data. The data gathered empowers Fi to make a superior client experience that gives a protected, quick and advantageous experience on the platform. Aside from personalizing and enhancing the client experience, the platform additionally utilizes data to forestall any abuse.

    Documents Required to Create a FI Money Account?

    They have a beautiful basic and quick KYC measure. All you need to give are:

    • Your PAN card details and date of birth. Note: on the off chance that the client doesn’t have a PAN card, they will not have the option to open an account with Fi.

    • Father’s and Mother’s complete names.

    • Aadhar details too.

    FI Money Bank Account Charges?

    FI Money Features

    According to the guidelines by the RBI, savings accounts created through Aadhar OTP can’t include deposits that surpass ₹ 1 lakh. To eliminate the limit of 1 lakh, a 3-minute video call is needed with a specialist from the federal bank on the Fi mobile app.

    How to Create a FI Money Bank Account?

    • Click on the “GET EARLY ACCESS” Button

    • Type your complete name in the box and click continue

    • Type the mobile number and click on confirm with PF OTP. The client can likewise choose WhatsApp updates by clicking on the tick box to get a fast method to stay in contact with the advancement and updates.

    • The OTP will be sent in a message on the mobile number referenced. Open the message and enter the OTP here.

    • After verifying your mobile number, it’s an ideal opportunity to add the email id. This will permit the client to remain informed with regards to the most recent updates introduced by Fi.

    • Finally, the early access measure is finished. Presently the app can be downloaded on the mobile to access the open savings account. This page will likewise give the Fi.nite code that will assist you with signing up with your telephone.

    • Open the app and click on “Sign-In”. Then, at that point, type the registered mobile number utilized while making the account online. One more OTP will be sent on your mobile to affirm genuineness.

    • After Logging in, there is the alternative for using a biometric verification include (fingerprint) to additional protect your asset in the savings account. Additionally, for twofold security, the client needs to set a PIN, pattern, or password prior to saving his fingerprint.

    Keep in mind, in the event that the client forgets the pin, in the wake of resetting it, the data will be deleted to guarantee the greatest wellbeing and decrease the danger of fraud.

    • Follow the following not many advances, type the Legal Name, email id. Furthermore, toward the end, the mobile app will naturally affirm the “Fi.nite” code referenced.

    FI Money Bank Account Interest Rate

    FI Money Bank Interest Rate

    2.5% is the interest rate for Fi Savings Accounts.

    Interest rates for Resident Term Deposits effective from 17-07-2021

    Period Single Deposit Less than ₹200 Lakhs – General Public Single Deposit Less than ₹200 Lakhs – Senior Citizen
    7 days to 29 days 2.50% 3.00%
    30 days to 45 days 2.75% 3.25%
    46 days to 90 days 3.00% 3.50%
    91 days to 180 days 3.75% 4.25%
    181 days to 270 days 4.00% 4.50%
    271 days to less than 1 year 4.40% 4.90%
    1 year to less than 16 months 5.10% 5.60%
    16 Months 5.35% 5.85%
    Above 16 months to less than 2 years 5.10% 5.60%
    2 years to less than 5 years 5.35% 5.85%
    5 years and above 5.60% 6.25%


    FI Money Debit Card Charges

    On opening a Fi Savings Account, every user will get a free VISA Platinum Debit Card. No issuance fees. Zero annual card maintenance charges. Debit Card provided by Fi can be used anyplace where VISA is acknowledged. During withdrawal from an international ATM, a little fee of ₹100 is forced on exchanges, and ₹25 is charged for non-financial exchanges, for example, getting a mini statement.

    In case you lose your debit card, it will be supplanted by them. In any case, on the off chance that you tragically lose it for the subsequent time, you should pay Rs. 250.

    FI Money Customer Details Number and Email Id

    Customer Care Center on 080-47485490.

    Email ID: or

    FI Money Registered Address

    Epifi Technologies Private Limited,

    No.293, Indiqube Gamma,

    154/172, Outer Ring Road,

    Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru,

    Karnataka 560103.

    FI Money Founders

    The founding team of FI Money comprise of:

    • Sumit Gwalani
    • Sujith Narayanan
    • Prasanna R
    • Arvind TP
    • Neeraj Bhope

    FI Money App Details (iOS and Android)

    • Android

    Early access for android users is as of now accessible on the play store, and the users can be the initial ones to give it and offer feedback a shot its functioning.

    • iOS

    Presently at the final beta-testing stage and arriving at the app store soon, the Mobile iOS App by Fi will verify a quick and charming banking experience. Additionally, early access users can register at “” to get the most recent updates.

    FI Money Referral Code

    At whatever point another customer signs up using another person’s referral code, the individual gets Rs.1000 and the individual whose code was used would get Rs. 200 for each referral. Here is the way you can use a referral code to sign in:

    • Download The App And Install The App.

    • Open The Fi Money App.

    • Enter Your Mobile Number Linked With Your Aadhar Number.

    • Enter The OTP To Verify Your Mobile Number. Furthermore, Click On The Ok Option.

    • Enter Your Name, Address The Same As On Your Aadhar Card.

    • Now Proceed To The Next Step.

    • Now Complete Your KYC Via Pan Card.

    • You Will Receive Up To ₹1000 For The Signup Bonus.

    • Now Go To The Referral Section And Share Your Referral Code To Your Friends.

    • You Will Earn ₹200 For Every Referral.

    Final Review of FI Money

    Ideal for recent college grads, Fi Money App is an incredible online banking platform with compelling provisions and exciting offers. The ingenious dashboard and extraordinary user interface provide quick money-saving options and ideas, making it simpler for the user to settle on smart choices.

    The Fi app is an incredible individual associate helping the user in numerous ways, including payment of bills to setting reminders for paying rent to cancel memberships.


    1. Is Fi a bank?

    Not actually. We’re an online banking platform, however, some favor the trendy expression ‘neobank’. Fi’s collaborated with RBI-licensed Federal Bank. Through this banking organization, we provide our Savings Account and VISA debit card.

    This is what we do:

    Everything standard banks provide, we improve on. Obligingly junking their legacy-period infrastructure en route. Truth be told, we raise banking to an unheard-of level!

    Encouraged by cutting-edge tech that taps into data science research, our interactive user interface design allows you to encounter banking more than ever. No actual branches. No tedious desk work.

    2. Is my money protected with Fi?

    All assets deposited through Fi are secure and protected as it lies with Federal Bank, our Reserve Bank of India-administered accomplice bank. Your money is additionally insured up to ₹5 lakh by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC), an entirely possessed auxiliary of the Reserve Bank of India.

    To finish it off, we follow the necessities of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Basically, it’s the ‘highest quality level’ consistent plan to get credit and debit card exchanges.

    3. For what reason is Fi just for working professionals?

    Right now, our novel components are most appropriate to help salaried people and working professionals.

    We do intend to open Fi up for any individual who may profit from it in the end. Fingers crossed!

    4. I have an existing account with Federal Bank. Would I be able to create an account with Fi?

    Indeed, you can! In the event that you presently have a halfway KYC account with Federal Bank, just complete your Full KYC procedure with them. From that point onward, while signing up for a Fi Savings Account, provide the specific ID details that appear in your current Federal account!

    Use a similar PAN card or Aadhaar number, mobile number, and Date of Birth as your existing Federal account. That is everything necessary ✅

    In the event that you actually experience difficulty opening a Fi account, connect with us at 080-47485490 — and our Fi Care team will figure things out for you!

    5. Would anyone be able to open a Fi account without a PAN card?

    Sadly, you can’t sign up for Fi without a PAN card.

    It’s an obligatory necessity for account verification.

    Whenever you’ve gained a legitimate individual PAN card, rehash an attempt.

    6. Which email ID would I be able to use to sign up on Fi?

    In case you’re on our Android app:

    You can use your Gmail ID to sign up.

    On the off chance that you’ve installed our iOS app:

    You can sign up using your Gmail ID or Apple ID.

    As of now, we just support these two mail providers.

    Nonetheless, we’re working to include other mail specialist co-ops soon.

    7. For what reason does Fi need my credit report?

    Happy you inquired! It assists us with streamlining our sign-up process. Right now, Fi provides financial services that are customized to suit the necessities of working professionals. In this way, when users share their credit reports – it assists us with rapidly verifying their work status and provide access to our platform.

    Need to Know: We additionally use your PAN details and Date of Birth to accelerate your account opening process. We don’t use any other data from your credit report other than those that affirm your certifications.

    8. My company isn’t recorded. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?

    No concerns.

    When you show up at the ‘Tell us more’ screen during the signup process, follow these steps:

    • In the ‘Company Name’ dropdown menu, you’ll notice a prompt that says ‘Continue with’.

    • Tap on that and type out your company’s name physically.

    In the wake of doing this in this way, you can continue signing up for a Fi Savings Account.

    Pro Tip: Enter the total company name without contractions.

    9. For what reason do you require my work email?

    We need to verify that you’re really utilized in the association that you’ve provided details of. To verify this, we send an OTP to your work email.

    Furthermore, relax, we will not be spamming you or your colleagues.

    10. For what reason should I link my essential Gmail with Fi? Is it safe?

    We just ask you to do this because we’ve been not able to verify your work status some other way. In the wake of linking your Gmail account, we dissect your transactions with select business platforms to check if our app suits your needs. As a bonus, you get insights about your online spending as well!

    Rest assured, no humans read this data and we don’t share it with anybody either. This is absolutely safe and we follow Google’s User Data norms. You can peruse our Privacy policy to find out more.

    On the off chance that you wish to, you can revoke access whenever from Google’s ‘My account’ section.

    11. For what reason was my application rejected?

    We’re sorry, we can imagine how frustrating this must be.

    Fi’s services and features are custom-worked to suit the needs of working professionals.

    Tragically, our team couldn’t find conclusive proof of your work status.

    It’s the main reason why we couldn’t provide access to our services.

    12. For what reason am I not ready to sign up with my CKYC?

    It might have happened because of these reasons:

    • If you have an existing CKYC ID (Central Know-Your-Customer) which was created before 2016, there may be a mismatch of details on the record

    • Or The CKYC system may be experiencing brief issues.

    This is what you can do:

    • When we prompt you to do as such, sign up by sharing your 12-digit-Aadhaar card.

    • Enter the OTP sent to your Aadhaar-linked telephone number. ☎️

    Pro Tip: Please ensure the PAN card used during CKYC check is a substantial, individual PAN card.

    13. My PAN card is not being acknowledged

    Please ensure the card you used during the PAN check is a substantial individual PAN card.

    In case you’re using a legitimate existing individual PAN card are still facing issues – there could be a server error.

    Please retry after some time.

    14. Would I be able to open a Fi account regardless of whether my Aadhaar ID does not have a linked mobile number?

    Yes, you can still open a Fi account — on the off chance that you have a substantial CKYC ID (Central Know-Your-Customer ID).

    Ensure that your CKYC records contain an authentic Proof of Address (POA).

    • Valid POAs within your CKYC records can be your Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, or Aadhaar Card.

    Do you have a CKYC ID?

    YES: You can sign up and open a Fi Savings Account in minutes.

    NO: Please update your Aadhaar and link it to a functioning telephone number. Then, retry registering on Fi.

    15. I didn’t accept my Aadhar OTP

    Oh dear! Ensure you’re using an Aadhaar-linked telephone number.

    OTPs usually show up promptly if the number is dynamic on a practical gadget.

    • In case your number is not Aadhaar-linked, consider doing so. It’s an assumption from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

    • Once your contact number’s linked, retry signing up on Fi.

    • Enter the OTP you get during our sign-up process.

    16. The OTP verification of my Aadhar failed

    Oops, that shouldn’t have happened!

    On uncommon occasions, the systems set up at the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or our partner bank might encounter service issues. Please retry in some time. ⏰

    At the point when you do, adhere to the on-screen instructions. You’ll have the option to open a Fi Savings Account in minutes!

    17. I’m stuck subsequent to entering my date of birth. What do I do?

    Your CKYC record might have an incorrect Date Of Birth (DOB) linked to it.

    No worries, you’ll get another option to retry with an alternate DOB.

    In the event that both these tries come up short, we’ll endeavor to verify your DOB through your Aadhaar records.

    To do this, we might send you an Aadhaar OTP.

    It will assist us with validating the information you’ve shared and allowed you to proceed with opening a Fi Savings Account

    18. The address in my KYC record is incomplete. What do I do?

    Oh dear! Lamentably, that is a roadblock we can’t help you bypass. Your best options are to update your KYC documents (CKYC Records or Aadhaar) with a total confirmed address.

    Whenever that is done, you can endeavor to sign up for a Fi Savings Account again.

    19. I’m stuck on the Name match screen. How would I proceed?

    It’s indispensable according to a security perspective that your name matches your identification records.

    So, the name entered should be a subset of your legal name as it appears on either PAN or Aadhaar records.

    The name to be printed on your debit card — should contain less than 20 characters.

    For instance: If your complete name is ‘Anoop Panikkaveettil Menon’, and it appears as ‘Anoop P’ on your Aadhaar records, then please use that to keep away from a mismatch.

    20. My video verification check is failing. What do I do?

    Our video verification works best in case you are in a sufficiently bright spot.

    Also, please adjust your face within the on-screen oval marker.

    When your face gets distinguished:

    • Click on the record button and read the on-screen authentication code so anyone can hear. Model: If the code is 7065, please read it out as “Seven-Zero-Six-Five”.

    Best practices:

    • Place yourself before a plain foundation before the recording.

    • Try to ensure that there are no other individuals or pictures in the recording.

    • Stay within a safe distance of the camera — for example not very far or excessively close!

    • Record the video without headphones/earphones. Sometimes, we can’t hear the sound clearly from such mic-in devices.

    • If there’s any foundation noise, take a stab at moving to a calmer spot. In any event, switching off a fan (for a couple of moments) can lessen surrounding sound significantly!

    Number of reattempts:

    • If, for reasons unknown, your video verification fails even subsequent to doing this, relax: You can retry 3 times!

    • And in case all your retries are exhausted, please sit tight for 72 hours, and our team will manually verify it.

    Need To Know: Such checks are our method of examining in case anybody is impersonating you to open a Fi account

    21. My telephone isn’t getting registered. What do I do?

    Yikes! There could be a couple of reasons why this is happening.

    Here are some normal ones:

    • Different number registered:

    The mobile number you’ve used to sign up on Fi is not right now present in the telephone you’re using. So ensure that the SIM is physically present on the same gadget you’re using to sign up.

    • Incorrect SIM selected:

    In case you’re on a double SIM telephone, ensure that you have selected the right SIM.

    • Network issues:

    Possibly you’re passing through or as of now situated in a space with helpless network inclusion! In case that is the case, delay until you move to a space with better signal strength and then retry registering your telephone.

    • Server inconvenience:

    Our partner bank’s servers could be briefly busy. In the event that this happens, retry again following a couple of hours.

    • SMS delivery:

    In uncommon cases, an outgoing SMS probably won’t get sent from your telephone. It’s also possible that we never got what you sent! Check the Messages app on your telephone for delivery status ‘EPIFY’. In the event that it hasn’t been sent or conveyed, you can have a go at sending the message straightforwardly from the Messages app.

    22. How would I update my telephone number?

    That is an easy fix.

    • First, you’ll need to log out of the Fi app and then sign in again.

    • Upon re-login, enter the new telephone number you need to link to your account.

    • After you’ve provided this detail, we’ll verify your personality.

    • For security reasons, the verification process includes a short video recording and your ATM Card PIN.

    When the procedure is finished, we’ll update your number.

    Presently, you can sign in to the Fi app by and by.

    Before you update your details: Make sure that your ATM Card is activated and you’ve set a Card PIN.

    Also, ensure that you haven’t frozen/suspended your card.


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