FEG Token Coin Price, How to Buy? Prediction, Chart, Uniswap

FEG Token

FEG Token Coin Details: FEG is recreating the idea on which decentralized finance is designed. It focuses on reshaping and unfolding how Defi operates effectively for producing a strong ecosystem. That is devised for DeFi’s progress. It is a mounting deflationary Defi token developed to achieve.

The main intention after FEG is to produce a decentralized trade network that functions both on the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance smart chain (BSC). The pathway for FEG is defined by market variations, but the pattern it moves on is to succeed.

About FEG Token:

FEG is a deflationary token that has a maximum circulating stock of 100 Quadrillion. On every transaction, a tax of 1% will be categorized to the token holders and then 1% will be burnt. Therefore, incentivizing holders to keep and decreases the amount over time. As the supply drops, the inadequacy of the token rises. This is an inversely proportional relationship that frames a demand and supply model. Moreover, there is no restriction on the number of tokens to be burnt. 

FEG Token Coin Price, Coin Supply & MarketCap:


  • Burnt: 57.51734 Q
  • Circulating: 42.48266 Q
  • Max.Supply: 100 QUADRILLION
  • Price: 0.000000002042375 $US
  • MarketCap: 86,765,524 $US


  • Burnt: 55.47399 Q
  • Circulating: 44.52601 Q
  • Max.Supply: 100 QUADRILLION
  • Price: 0.000000001767787 $US
  • MarketCap: 75,100,287 $US

FEG Token price now is $0.00000000 with a 24-hour trading capacity of $563,224. FEG price is up 7.0% in the last 24 hours. It has a current supply of 42 Quadrillion FEG coins and a maximum supply of 100 Quadrillion. Uniswap (v2) is the most prevailing market for trading it.

How to Buy FEG Token? 

  • Create a MetaMask Wallet
  • Send ETH to MetaMask Wallet
  • Open Uniswap and Connect the MetaMask Wallet and Paste the Contract Address
  • Contract Address: “0x389999216860ab8e0175387a0c90e5c52522c945”
  • Select the amount and swap.

FEG Token Coin (Token) Launched

ETH-FEG was issued on January 31, 2021. And BSC-FEG was issued on February 12, 2021. Every pair could continuously re-balance the variations between the other pairs that the association initially testified.

About FEGEX Exchange:

  • FEGex is an all-in-one exchange option. 
  • Partners can pick a staking pool that provides your token holders to stake and make fBNB/fETH or any base fWRAP instantly. Else, you can decide to circumvent it and make 0.2% of all sales straight into the team wallet for trading, donation, or project advancements.
  • With Smart swap technology, users get approved swap or smart swap. It is developed for swing traders and grants up to 50%+ less gas and stores tx fees on frictionless tokens when internal swapping.
  • Internal liquidity locking characteristics streamline the method remarkably.
  • Pairs are based upon fWRAP technology. They get transaction bonuses from every use right inside each liquidity pool. In turn, produces continuous positive price pressure on the registered tokens with the same base fWRAP. 
  • Smart Liquidity gives the facility to users to employ one-sided liquidity features that provide a streamlined means for auto liquidity adding and rebalancing.
  • Facility to set appropriate sell end circuit breakers that are adjusted to improve preserve active markets.
  • Auto slip technology enables users to never mismanage with all of the flaws they experience on other swaps.
  • Frontrunning bot security is the safety of all community members’ and investors’ assets. This feature helps to shield liquidity pools.
  • Head to use FEG perpetual drain tech to grant users the capability to claim free tokens always. 
  • FEGchart is the high-end version of charting for FEGex.

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Holders can trace their FEG tokens through the FEGtrack application. It can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Information is uprooted from the blockchain with the help of public addresses. The features of FEGtrack are FEG token balance and total value Rewards, Market cap information, and Charts Future scale based on FEG tokens existed.

FEGToken Coin Future Price Predictions:

It has all the features and positive vibes to cross $0.1 in 1 – 2 years of time.


In the future, FEG is preparing to develop further into the cryptocurrency space by issuing innovative commodities. With which it can maintain a strong spirit of community. This will guarantee the sustainability of the FEG token. FEG has also built connections to strengthen and extend farming pools. This project is advancing at an active rate with an encouraging future outlook.


Q: What is the Price of the FEG Token?

Price: $0.00000000

Q: Where can we buy the FEG Token?

Buy using Uniswap.

Q: What is the Contract Address of FEG Token?

Contract Address: 0x389999216860ab8e0175387a0c90e5c52522c945

Q: What is the Official Website of FEG Token:

Official Website: Fegtoken.com


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