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About CryptoCart Coin: CryptoCart is a decentralized e-commerce platform having seamless interactions and services. It is an unregulated and free market where customers can spend any major cryptocurrency to purchase physical goods of their choices in the US as well as European retail partners. These goods can be shipped worldwide without having to make any crypto-to-fiat conversions or deposits and any sort of regulations can also be avoided. 

CryptoCart CC Token:

CryptoCart Chart

CC Token is the native currency of the ‘CryptoCart’ platform. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and is an ERC-20 native token. The future roadmap shows the promise of expansion to the Binance Smart chain BEP-20 migration.

Users who purchase regularly and hold their native tokens will get incentives and rewards just like staking or conducting business on their platform. The ultimate goal for ‘CryptoCart’ is to construct a 1:1 ratio for the native blockchain holders and the loyalty scheme of rewards for all the holders of the coin.

Regardless of any other crypto that can be used for shopping, holding, as well as using their native CC token for exchange of goods will provide better liquidity pool rewards, providing yield as well as discounts on the purchase.

CryptoCart (CC) Coin Token Founders

The actual founders of the token are anonymous. They are not available on the website as well as their community channel. It is only their marketing team available for doubts and queries. 

Crypto Cart Coin Token Tokenomics

They have a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens locked in liquidity. 80,000 CC tokens were used for extensive marketing and promotions online. During pre-sale 375,000 tokens were launched for sale. The developer and marketing team have been funded around 55,000 CC tokens for their work and commitment. A reward pool of 250,000 CC tokens is locked exclusively. As ‘Uniswap’ is primarily adopted for exchange in the early stages, around 232,000 CC tokens are locked here.

CryptoCart Price and Predictions

The total supply of CC tokens is 1 million tokens. 33% of the entire token portfolio is locked for the team. 8.3% is held in the liquidity pool and 99% is locked for 6 months. The largest holder has around 3.1% of the entire circulating supply. The contract also uses the ‘SafeMath’ algorithm to prevent overflow issues.

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CC token stands at an average price of $20 today. It was launched at an approximate price of $10-$11. Hence, we have seen a 10x gain in just two weeks which is incredible. With the possibility of being a new concept to online shopping and the exchange of goods, CC tokens can be one of the most revolutionizing tokens available today. 

As of now they have established their native token in the Ethereum main-net, developed a responsive website, and have begun marketing to get listings. By the end of next month, we can see a huge price bump once their marketplace is developed and the token begins its use for purchase and exchange of goods.

By June, customers will get rewards for holding along with discounts for each purchase.

CryptoCart Price: $17.16589

CrptoCart Price Details

CryptoCart Price Prediction:

100$ Target in 3 Months.

How to Buy CryptoCart (CC) Token Coin?

Use Uniswap and MetaMask Wallet to Buy

Buy Link: UniSwap


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