CRED App Review: Signup, Rewards, Features, Gems and Redeem Coins


    Have you ever been so happy while paying your credit card bills before? Well, now there is a reason to be happy as you earn points each time you pay your credit card bills. What are these points and how do you make them? Let us learn about the “Cred App”

    What is CRED?

    Launched in 2018, Cred App is created by Kunal Shah, which is by far the most simple app for paying your credit bills and also rewarding you with “Cred coins” which can further be redeemed. This is a member-only app and by that, it means that you can only join the Cred App.  Cred App ensures that you pay your credit bills in a timely manner, reminds you of due dates, and keeps a check on your CIBIL, CRIF, and Experian. Every time you pay your credit bills on time, you will have an increase in your Credit Score which makes you one of the trustworthy customers in the Cred community in India. 

    Also, the exciting part of the Cred App is that you will be rewarded with Cred Points, which includes exciting rewards after you redeem. You can earn these coins and later redeem them for exciting offers, discounts over various brands and it also might include cashback offers, so you can try your luck.

    How to Sign Up for Cred?

    Cred Referral code

    Sign up on CRED (official sponsor of IPL) using this link and claim up to Rs. 1000 and other rewards use this link to get offer:

    To Sign Up for Cred App, you need to first download the Cred App on your iOS or Android phone and then install it. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can start using the app by registering yourself with your mobile number. You can simply sign up providing your name and mobile number registered with your credit card. You can then add your Credit Cards and fill in the details to start paying your credit card bills through the Cred App.

    How to add credit cards to Cred?

    Add Credit Card in Cred App

    Cred App provides you with an addition of as many credit cards as you want. Simply, you can add any number of credit cards you have to the Cred App. Once you have decided to add your credit card, just fill out the credit card information in your Cred App, you can fill by adding the missing numbers, Now, wait for the Cred App to verify your credit card, you will be deposited of Rs. 1 through UPI/IMPS just after it verifies your credit card.

    You can now start paying your Credit Card Bills through the Cred App and you will be rewarded as many points as the amount of bill you have paid through the Cred App.

    Cred App Features

    Cred App is absolutely safe and trustworthy. While the main features of the Cred App are:

    • Credit Card Payments are made easy and simple. You can add your Credit cards and track the due dates of your credit card bills and you can pay them directly through the Cred App. 
    • You can earn enormous cred points and redeem them for exclusive offers and cashback. For each payment that you make, you would be rewarded with Cred points which you can later redeem for offers on online and offline shopping over various brands. There is another feature called #killthebill which would appear after you have made a payment of more than Rs 1000, you will receive cashback on your payment done starting from Rs 10 to 1000.
    • You can also redeem Cred Gems from Cred points which gives gift vouchers from Uber and Amazon. It includes interesting discounts and exclusive offers.
    • Another amazing benefit of using the Cred App is that you will be able to see your Credit Report, CIBIL score for free from the Experian and CRIF. The Cred App shows your payment history, age history of the Credit Card, detailed report of credit card utilization.

    Pros and Cons of the Cred App


    The Cred App is undoubtedly safe to use and keeps your privacy intact. The Cred Apps does not save the complete information of your Credit Card. So, there is no chance of misusing your Credit Card, and is completely secure.

    Although the Cred App might need access to your email id to send you the updates and remind you of the due dates to make your Credit Card payments, it claims that it does not check your emails. However, you can create a separate email id for your Credit Card payments and give access to the Cred App or you can simply deny access, this would only reduce one feature that is the notifications of due dates of the credit card payments.


    The Cred App seems to have few drawbacks that include delayed payments and sometimes failed payments that would keep you on the edge some days. So, in order to avoid that, you may pay your bills 3 to 4 prior to your due date to be on the safe side.

    Some customers have also faced failed payments due to banking or technical issues but the money would be deducted from your savings account. Although, you would be refunded while they make take anywhere between 1 to 3 days. To be on the safer side while paying a large amount, you can pay it in smaller amounts to avoid such circumstances.

    How to get Cred Rewards


    Each time you make a payment through the Cred App, you will be rewarded with equivalent Cred Coins. You need to redeem the Cred Coins in the Rewards sections and choose your interested category to receive exclusive offers and discounts.

    How to earn Cred Gems

    You can earn Cred Gems by referring to the Cred App to someone. You will be earning a whole lot of 10 Gems with each referral you make. You can then redeem these Cred Gems to get cashback offers in Amazon, Flipkart, or Uber, and many more as the rewards keep getting updated.

    Cred Customer Care Details:

    In case you receive any inconvenience using the Cred App, you can always write to 

    Final Verdict

    With all the points that are discussed above, the Cred App has its own unique benefits that other apps may not provide while you pay your Credit Card bills. Be it the rewards that you earn or the payments made so simple and easy, the Cred App does its job amazingly. In case you don’t want to face any inconvenience like delayed payments or failed refunds you can always try and be wise. Make your payments early and avoid any delayed payments as mentioned in the post. Why would you want to miss cashback and exclusive offers that the Cred App provides with every payment that you make? Also, not to forget, you will be a member of this premium community if you are using Cred App which gives access to exclusive offers. So, why not?


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