10 Best Stock Market Trading Apps For News and Research

    Trading Apps

    The stock market or equity market is the one that goes live the whole day. It goes up and down every minute. For the stock market traders, they need to keep a check on the movements every minute. For this, they need high-speed internet connectivity and some convenient mobile applications that can save time and effort. Thus, it will make the life of traders simple, easier, and efficient. 

    For real-time streaming, there are financial applications that are better for traders to stay informed and ready always. As we know, India is around 30% of the world’s highest household savings. So, it is important to focus on the best stock market applications for stock research.

    Here, we have prepared a list of the 10 best stock market applications.

    List of 10 best trading applications for the stock market in India:

    Money Control:

    If you don’t want to full your home screen with different applications, then you might be looking for one application that acts as a complete package. Then, money control is one such application. It is simple to use and can store a ton of information. With this application, you can track Indian and Global financial markets every minute. 


    • Easy to handle.
    • Available on Android, Windows, and iOS.
    • Gives the latest updates about the market.
    • You can read all the news and trending updates.
    • Easy monitoring of stocks funds, currencies, etc.
    • Set time alerts regarding the latest news and stocks.
    • Engage in conversations according to your interests. 

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    Economic Times(ET) Markets:

    Another best trading application for maintaining and reading all the latest of the stock market. If you love structured and organized content then this application is the best.


    • Track all the latest updates.
    • Follow all quotes, news, do fund analysis, and keep a check on stock futures.
    • Available on Android, Windows, and iOS.
    • Just swipe to get all the information related to the market.
    • Users can create their watchlist.
    • Analyze and engage in conversations or discussions.

    Stock Edge:

    Stock Edge is one of the best applications for Indian investors and traders for research work and keeping track of market analytics.


    • Available for Android and iOS users.
    • Separate section to view the latest market trends.
    • Maintain monthly, yearly, and daily analytics.
    • Users can track what other investors and traders are doing.

    Ticker tape:

    It is one of the most popular trading applications in India. It is a trending stock analysis application designed with the help of powerful tools. These tools will help users to collect every minute detail about the market.


    • Detailed stock market update in India.
    • Available in Android and iOS.
    • 130 filters to keep a track of stocks.
    • Daily news and events updates are available for decision making.
    • Users can connect to their Tickertape account.

    Market Mojo:

    Market Mojo is also a trending application n terms of stock analysis. Users can refer to the pre-analyzed information that will help them to stay updated about the market trends in India. 


    • Users can check how to check the value of price in terms of stock.
    • Available for Android users.
    • Maintain a track of the latest financial trends.
    • Helps you to analyze different parameters like liquidity, quality, trends, risk, etc.

    Yahoo Finance:

    Just change the region settings after downloading this application then you can easily access the stock market drifts. It is considered to be one of the best dynamic user interfaces for tracking the stocks. 


    •  Available for Windows, iOS, and Android users.
    • Check all the latest news and market analytics.
    • Real-time access to information and investment.
    • Maintain your performance record.
    • Compare all the stocks and decisions. 


    It is a popular trading application used worldwide. It gives you every minute details about the foreign stocks and exchange market. Users can maintain track of the global and local financial markets.


    • Available on Android and iOS.
    • Analyze the global stock market.
    • Users can check live updates according to their interests.
    • You can also build your watchlist.
    • Also, you can keep all the latest news trends. 
    • Quick access to global tools.

    5 Paisa:

    5 Paisa is one of the best trading applications in India. Though the app is not available for free it is still one of the trending applications for beginners and traders. 


    • It charges 10 rupees per transaction.
    • Account opening is easy and quick.
    • Free Demat and trading account.
    • Available for Android users.
    • Compatible on all smartphones.

    Trade Brains:

    It is one of the best investment applications for Android users. Trade Brains is available for free which is best for beginners to learn how to invest and track the record of the Indian stock market.


    • Pocket-friendly.
    • Comes with a guide for handling.
    • Explanations regarding investment and strategies.
    • A financial calculator will help users to do proper planning.
    • Compare and watch the best online brokers in India.

    Intrinsic Value Calculator:

    Do you want to calculate the real value of stocks? Then, download the intrinsic value calculator application to keep track of the cash flow and return. 


    • Available for Android users only.
    • Guides the users about the time value of money.
    • You can calculate the value of your company and stocks.
    • Simple and easy to use the calculator.
    • Also, you can calculate the future value of stocks and money.

    For the ones who might be thinking which trading application is best in India? We can recommend you to try the Angel Broking application which is a secure and fastest option.  

    We hope this information would be helpful for you to keep track of the Indian stock market. So, choose your favorite trading app to stay updated with the latest market trends and strategies. Do check their features and then make your decision.


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