Ares Protocol Coin (Token) Price, How to Buy? Prediction

Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol Token Details: Ares protocol is a decentralized cross-chain oracle service protocol. It provides security and reliability data assistance for the Polkadot Defi ecosystem. It provides off-chain information efficiently and in a suspicious way. Ares is developed on the substrate and formed as a para chain to associate with Polkadot’s environment and give its agreement consent. It is a scalable oracle network that presents decentralized info services to the Polkadot ecosystem and its para chains.

About Ares Protocol Coin (Token)

The Ares token was issued to drive all members in the system. Also, make sure that there is growth and expansion of the ecosystem by association governance.

Characteristics of Ares Protocol Token

  • Node Mortgage:

Any third party can be a node to obtain the Ares network by collateralizing a tiny quantity of ARES tokens. It presents oracle services to receive mining bonuses.

  • Transaction Fee

For every oracle call, a processing fee is to be given to the node.

  • Arbitration

The challenger is grounded through the challenger’s argument, and a portion of the fee is paid to the standing committee.

  • Treasury

Under the Finance Bureau of the Ares system, treasury stocks come from a portion of the transaction fees, the penalty of ill-disposed nodes, and promises’ expansion. Treasury is used to pay challengers, proceed for data demanders’ trial, and environmental development.

  • Association Governance

Someone who operates the Ares right has the right to direct and vote for protocol inclines and standing committee elections. The Reputation Committee guarantees the safety of the Ares network by incentivizing validators and expelling wicked nodes.

Ares Protocol Price, Coin Supply and Marketcap

Ares Protocol Price Today
Ares Protocol Price $0.1475
Price Change24h $0.02473

24h Low / 24h High
$0.1144 /
Trading Volume24h $7,243,928.41

Volume / Market Cap No Data
Market Dominance No Data
Market Rank #2557
Ares Protocol Market Cap
Market Cap No Data
Fully Diluted Market Cap $147,200,158.98

The live Ares Protocol price now is USD 0.121969 with a 24-hour trading capacity of USD 9,594,473. Ares Protocol is up by 46.94% in the last 24 hours. The prevailing CoinMarketCap ranking is #2539, with a live market cap of not available. The current supply is not available and has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 ARES coins.

Thinking where to buy Ares Protocol,? Then, check out the top markets for exchanging in Ares Protocol which includes MXC.COM, Uniswap,, BKEX, and BitMart. 

Ares Protocol Token Features

  • Decentralized Finance

Ares gives accurate and dependable real-time off-chain data for Defi handling cases like AMMs, decentralized durable coins, lending, insurance, and commercial derivatives. Also, presents a useful out-of-the-box stable foundation for the advancement of Defi projects.

  • Decentralized Identity

Decentralized identification solutions provide strong, reliable, controlling, and compact digital connections. It offers one-stop resolutions to verification providers, wallet providers, DAPP developers, and support providers.

  • Internet of Things

Data parameters achieved by IoT tools can be utilized to trigger smart deals. It generates new business standards within stock chains and active home businesses’ identity confirmation. Ares Protocol can serve as a strong middleware between blockchain and IoT devices. It can validate the data originating from IoT devices before presenting it to the blockchain.

  • Prediction Market

Decentralized prediction markets like Augur and Gnosis, utilize the enlightenment of the crowd to foretell real-world consequences like presidential elections and sports staking results.

  • Games and NFTs

Ares Protocol provides valid randomness on the chain that is used to produce random gameplay synopses in blockchain games or facilitate the minting of NFTs.

How to Buy Ares Protocol Token Coin?

  • Create a MetaMask Wallet
  • Send ETH to MetaMask Wallet
  • Open Uniswap and Connect the MetaMask Wallet and Paste the Contract Address
  • Contract Address: “0x358AA737e033F34df7c54306960a38d09AaBd523
  • Select the amount and swap.

Ares Protocol Coin (Token) Future Predictions:

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 1 year?

Up to USD 0.23375021

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 2 years?

Up to USD 0.29373538

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 3 years?

Up to USD 0.36530111

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 4 years?

Up to USD 0.37242436

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 5 years?

Up to USD 0.41953947

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 6 years?

Up to USD 0.49113373

What will be the price of Ares Protocol (ARES) after 7 years?

Up to USD 0.56484149

Ares Protocol Markets:





+2% Depth

-2% Depth


Volume %





$0.1455 $6,334







Uniswap (V2)







Uniswap (V2)







$0.1469 $1,708








$0.1448 $2,144 $2,199







1inch Exchange








Q: What is ARES Protocol?

Ares is an on-chain verifying oracle protocol powered by Polkadot. It provides reliable off-chain data efficiently and in a trustless manner. Ares is built on Substrate and constructed as a parachain to link to Polkadot’s ecology and share its security consensus. It is a scalable oracle network that provides decentralized data services to the Polkadot ecosystem and its parachains.

Q: Where to Buy ARES Protocol?

You can buy using Gate, Uniswap, MCX Exchanges.

Q: What is the Official website of ARES Protocol?

Official Website:

Q: What is the Price Prediction of ARES Protocol?

Price: It can go up to 1 – 2$

Q: What is the Contract Address of ARES Protocol?

Contract Address: “0x358AA737e033F34df7c54306960a38d09AaBd523

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