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AquaGoat Coin (Token) Details:

AquaGoat is a sustainable association-driven scheme to preserve the oceans. It is a yield-producing universal cryptocurrency. The segments of the AquaGoat ecosystem gain interest from network ventures. And the planet benefits through their charitable organizations.

This token functions on an automatic self-staking and liquidity-locking direct configuration protocol. It provides us with reliable, protected, and hassle-free transactions for all coin holders.

It is a primary utility token that is used for: Network contribution pooling, staking E-commerce combination, APO-yield cultivation, and AquaGoat Crypto-Asset exchange.

About AquaGoat Coin (Token)

AquaGoat Features

AquaGoat is an ecosystem coin watching to keep the ocean safe and secure. Also, its waterways are kept fresh and pollution-free. They want connections with Ocean Clean-Up and other interesting communications. They aim at:

  • Togetherness – Placing the association members first.
  • Make the World a fitter place – Maintain tidy beaches and a good ocean.
  • Full clearness – Free and true about their programs and services.

It is known to recognize the adverse impacts of manmade rules on the oceans. Thus, it strives to degrade, relieve, and alter these consequences. Starting from climate change because of the greenhouse gas discharges and pollution because of plastics waste, there is a skilled rise in the ocean levels. Reduction in marine biodiversity, and disturbed aquatic ecosystems. 

Due to these reasons, the community of AquaGoat chose to originate its purpose to preserve the oceans by granting it to the Ocean Clean-Up which is a non-profitable association that examines venerable technologies to free the world’s oceans of plastics.

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Aqua Goat Coin (Token) Price, Coin Supply and Marketcap

  • Price: <$0.00000001
  • Price Change: $0 25.05%
  • Diluted Market Cap: $24,716,266.18
  • Market Rank: #4868
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 AQUAGOAT 

The existing price now is USD 2.47e-10 with a 24-hour trading capacity not available. AquaGoat.Finance is falling 35.66% in the closing 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #4868. The current supply is not available and a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 AQUAGOAT coins.

Why choose AquaGoat?

In 4 days, AquaGoat has achieved a powerful cult-following, advancing to a network of more than 1600 holders and more than 1000 people in the Telegram community, and numberless other members on social media pages.

Its long-term intent is to establish itself as a production leader in the emerging Decentralized Finance sector. That focuses on environmental preservation applications to overcome the man-induced consequences of global climate shift. With that, it also provides economic empowerment for all by appreciating its decentralized yield-producing cryptocurrency.

AquaGoat Founder:

AquaGoat was propelled by an Australian developer on 7th April 2021. The construction unit comes from a distinct framework of stabilized positions in various sectors and reputable businesses, contributing their expertise and knowledge for the respective advantage of the project and holders.

AquaGoat Coin (Token) Future Predictions

In 1 year from now, what will be AquaGoat worth?

The price of 1 AquaGoat can roughly be up to USD 0.00000001 in 1 year a 2X nearly from the current AquaGoat.Finance price.

Features of AquaGoat:

  • Auto-locking liquidity: With every transaction, a 2% fee automatically is added to the liquidity pool. 
  • 100% safe: LP Liquidity Tokens are fully burnt.
  • Means to earn money: 2% per trade is assigned to all holders.
  • Whale-deterrent: 1 BNB commencing liquidity. No whales. Only goats!
  • Token burn: 40% of all tokens flashed before operating live on Pancake Swap.
  • Renounced: Ownership has been properly abandoned!

How to Buy AquaGoat Coin (Step by Step Process):

  • To purchase AquaGoat, cryptocurrency users must first purchase a Binance Coin (BNB) and then exchange it for AquaGoat.
  • Create Trustwallet Account, Download the app. Available for iOS and Android,
  • Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet From Binance.
  • Click More Button on Trust Wallet to Swap to Smart Chain
  • Open Trust Wallet Click on DApps Find and Click on PanCakeSwap
  • After Opening PanCakeSwap “Click on Connect” on the top right corner.
  • Copy the Address of AquaGoat “0x07af67b392b7a202fad8e0fbc64c34f33102165b”
  • Paste the address and choose SecuraByte. select the amount you want to swap & Swap.


That’s all you need to know about AquaGoat a finance coin. Go through these project details efficiently. And then learn how to buy and invest in AquaGoat. Stop, read and then invest.


Q: What is the Contract Address of AquaGoat?

Contract Address: “0x07af67b392b7a202fad8e0fbc64c34f33102165b”

Q: What is the Official Website of AquaGoat?

Official Website:

Q: Is AquaGoat Listed in CoinMarketCap?

Yes, Listed.

Q: Where to Buy AquaGoat Coin (Token)?

You have to buy in TrustWallet Using PancakeSwap


  1. Why when I am trying to sell Aquagoat it gives error? It says insufficient funds! Doesn’t matter how much I try to sell it gives the same error!


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