How to Apply For a Pan Card Online and Offline? Step by Step

    apply pan card online

    How to apply for a pan card online and offline? PAN’s full name is payment account number which is 10-digit alphanumeric numbers used for identification proof. The first four and one last characters are letters of the alphabet and the middle five characters are numbers. 

    What is the importance and uses of a pan card? 

    Under the supervision of the central broad of direct taxes, a pan card is allotted to each taxpayer by the income tax department for individual identification all over the world. It’s also used to prevent tax evasion by tracking financial transactions which have taxable components 

    Online registration step by step process:

    If you are applying online, you just need to follow the few simple steps given below.

    Step 1 – Open browser. 

    Step 2 – Open the website ‘’.

    Step 3 – Fill up the form details and submit them.

    Step 4 – There will be a token number Kindly note that number.

    Step 5 – Click on ‘continue with application’ form button.

    Step 6 – There will be an option such as ‘submitting digitally through e-sign’, ‘submitting scanned images through e-sign’ and ‘forward application documents physically’, select the option in your favor.

    Step 7 – Select options between whether a physical pan card is required or not.

    Step 8 – Fill up the remaining form with Aadhar card name, it’s numbered, father’s and mother’s name.

    Step 9 – Fill up personal details including address, Pincode number, etc.

    Step 10 – Next asked requirements will be area code (ao). It includes selecting a country, area, etc. Click next. 

    Step 11 – It’s for submitting uploaded photo and signature, uploading supporting documents and then submit. 

    Step 12 – Choosing the mode of payment, select online and proceed further via selecting a credit card, debit card, cash card, and other available options.

    Step 13 – OTP will be received, enter that into form and proceed further. There will be a payment receipt and select continue. 

    Step 14 – The last step is to view the date when u will receive a pan card.

    Offline registration process:

    Step 1- download the pan card application form from the NSDI website and collect a copy of it from the NSDI agent.

    Step 2 – fill the details in the forms, attach the documents, photographs, address and proof of identity.

    Step 3 – after filling all the details submit the form to NSID office with the payment of processing fees 

    Step 4 – around 15 days pan card would be sent according to the filled address. 

    Documents required

    Documents such as date of birth include birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving license, etc. and proof of address which includes electricity bills, water bills, Aadhaar card, etc. 

    Eligibility for applying for a pan card.

    Pan card application can be issued by individuals, companies, and non-Indian residents who pay for taxes in India. It’s important for personal identity around the whole universe and it’s validity sustain for a lifetime. 

    Do’s and Don’t via filling the form.

    1. Improper and incomplete attachment of documents will cause an application to be rejected.
    2. There shouldn’t be any use of salutations such as Mr./Mrs./Dr. 
    3. All letters should be in capital words in form. 
    4. The mobile number is mandatory for updated to take place. 


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