Amazon Flex Review | How to Apply For Flex, Signup, Pay, Locations in India

    Amazon Flex

    Amazon Flex: Do you want to earn Rs 30,000 and more every month? Then, get ready to join the Flex program by India’s largest online store-Amazon. The Amazon Flex program is open for women and men over 18 years of age.

    What is Amazon Flex?

    Let’s first understand the role of Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is a project in which you have to deliver packages to the customer from Amazon. You can earn Rs. 120 and Rs.140 per hour. You can also work in shifts according to your availability.

    If you’re above the age of 18 years you can join Amazon Flex doesn’t matter if you’re a student, housewife, woman, or man. Isn’t that easy? You can earn more than 30,000 in a month just like that.

    Amazon Flex: Register and Sign up:

    To register for Amazon flex you need to fill in all the necessary information and submit your application. You can do that through the Amazon flex website or from the app (available for both Android and iOS).

    All the necessary information you need to provide for the registration process:

    •     Full Name
    •     Gender
    •     Date of Birth
    •     Confirm if you own a two-wheeler (moped, scooter, or motorcycle).
    •     Give all your driving License details.
    •     Information about vehicle ownership including Vehicle Registration & Road Permit.
    •     Insurance and validity of your vehicle.
    •     Information on Pollution Under Control (PUC) certification of your vehicle.
    •     Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.
    •     Information about your savings or current account at any bank in India.

    Amazon flex will process your application and let you know if you got the job in five to ten working days.

    Amazon Flex Login:

     To log in to your Amazon flex account you need to go through the following steps:

    •     First, sign in to using your registered e-mail/phone number and password associated with your Amazon flex account.
    •     Then click on your account >login and security and then log in to your Amazon flex account.

    How much can we earn from Amazon Flex?

    Amazon pays Rs. 120 to Rs. 140 per hour of work to Amazon Flex program partners. Amazon doesn’t pay for your fuel expenses.

    Deliveries of Amazon packages start from early morning and end at 9 pm every day. You can work maximum hours as per your convenience to make more money. Delivery timings are very flexible, you can choose when you want to deliver. Although timings are flexible delivery blocks have to be present as per your schedule.

    Your payments are cleared every week on Wednesday. The money will be directly deposited into your bank account whose information you gave during the registration.

    If you work at any other place except Amazon flex you have to pay tax for your income from Amazon flex according to Indian laws. But you will have to pay the taxes if your total income from every source exceeds the Income Tax exemption limits.

    You can also earn some extra pennies if the customer tips you some money but it completely depends on the customer.

    Amazon India doesn’t have any specific rules and regulations about the tips, food, or beverage you receive from customers.

    How to Contact Amazon Flex to join:

    If you want more information about joining Amazon flex you can contact them by email, calling through the app, or directly calling the driver support hotline:

    • Email support: is their official email I’d.
    • In-app telephone support: It’s another way to contact them. You have to tap the question mark in the top right corner of your app and select “Request call from support” and you will get a call from an Amazon employee within 30 seconds.
    • Direct phone number: You can also call them directly. Call this number (877) 212-6150 or (888) 281-6901 go get in touch.

    In which cities Amazon flex is available in India:

    Primarily amazon flex program was only available in three cities: Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. But in 2020 Amazon has expanded Amazon flex in 35 metro and non-metro cities.

    App for Amazon Flex:

    You’ll only need a single app for this. You have to just install the Amazon flex app. Amazon flex app should have complete access to your geographical location. Except that you have to provide access to the Amazon flex program from the security settings of your smartphone. On the website, Amazon specifies that you’ll need a smartphone with Android 6.0 or higher software. Your phone’s storage must have a 2GB ram to become a program partner. Your phone must have a camera with a proper flashlight and features like GPS location, voice and internet connectivity, and an active SIM card.

    Background Verification for Amazon Flex:

    Before hiring someone Amazon does background verification of all Amazon Flex applicants. This process usually takes 5 to 10 working days that’s why you’ll have to wait for your Amazon flex application to be verified and successful. They share your background information with a background check service provider.

    Insurance for Amazon Flex Partners:

    Amazon India provides Amazon Flex partners insurance under a group insurance policy. But the vehicle you use for delivery and other belongings aren’t insured. If you damage any other vehicle Amazon doesn’t pay to cover that damage as it doesn’t cover any third-party expenses. 

    Advantages of insurance:

    • Amazon gives accidental death coverage of Rs.500,000 for Amazon Flex partners if something happens to them on duty.
    • If you met an accident while you were on duty and you suffer from permanent disability Amazon provides Rs. 500,000 coverage for Amazon Flex partners.

    Hence, you must have personal insurance for yourself and your vehicle and other valuable belongings before you join the Amazon flex program.

    Other important information:

    Some sites say that you can use Amazon flex to start your own business but it is not allowed by Amazon. If you conduct any third-party business for a commission you might lose your Amazon flex job. If you don’t deliver your assigned packages by yourself you’ll lose your job.

    Amazon flex is an amazing way to earn money without any extreme hard work. Apply now to join the Amazon flex program. If you qualify and get a clear card from your background check they will let you know in a week.


    Q: How to join Amazon Flex?

    Ans: Go to fill in your details and submit them.

    Q: Can I work Part-Time for Amazon Flex?

    Ans: Yes you can work part-time and full time as per your wish.

    Q: How much I can make money through Amazon Flex?

    Ans: You can Make ₹120 – ₹140 per hour delivering packages with Amazon. All you need is an Android phone and some free time*


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