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About Altrucoin Token

Altrucoin is a decentralized account token worked to unite trustless defi lending, token reflection, altruistic gifts, and decentralized governance.

Altrucoin Token Details

The Altruism Protocol (Altrucoin) is a community-driven, frictionless yield-generating token made on the Binance Smart Chain.

The protocol was intended to deliver decentralized beneficent gifts and to give a safe, appreciating store of significant worth for token holders with solid motivations for long-haul speculation and an unmistakably characterized use case: trustless defi lending.

The undertaking consolidates the setup use an instance of trustless defi lending with the cutting-edge tokenomic instrument of token reflection and an assortment of different upgrades.

They expect to eliminate the brokers (banks) from the lending condition and rather send benefits straightforwardly to Altrucoin holders and altruistic associations.


Altrucoin Token Price, Coin Supply and Market Cap

  • Price: $0.000000000804
  • Coin Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 ALTRUCOIN
  • Market Cap: $503,354
  • Tokens Burned: 300,000,000,000,251 (30% of all out supply)

Altrucoin price today is $0.000000000804 with a 24-hour exchanging volume of $19,289. ALTRUCOIN price is down – 4.8% as of now. It’s anything but a circling supply of 630 Trillion ALTRUCOIN coins and a maximum supply of 700 Trillion.

Altrucoin Token Founders and Team

Nathaji Metivier – Chief Executive Officer, Founding Member

Paul Lambert – Director of Marketing, Founding Member

Aya Yagi – Director of Philanthropy, Founding Member

Matt Metivier – Chief Technology Officer, Founding Member

Core Values of Altrucoin Token

• Growth – Producing yield age and making a reasonable speculation for their holders.

• Security – Creating a safe store of significant worth for every one of their holders.

• Charity – Giving to effective admirable missions to improve the world.

• Decentralization – Ensuring no single element or gathering has unlimited oversight of the protocol.

• Community – Through decentralization Altrucoin will remain community-driven, fabricated, and controlled.

• Transparency – Transparency from their group in all parts of the task.

Features of Altrucoin Token

• Frictionless Yield Generation – 5% of each exchange is dispersed relatively to the wallets of all holders of Altrucoin.

• Deflationary Tokenomics

• Altrucoin carries out highlights, for example, token consuming and bolted liquidity pooling, guaranteeing that the token remaining parts deflationary.

• Automatic Liquidity Pooling – Our smart agreement automatically stores a segment of each exchange into a bolted liquidity pool.

• Charity Voting – A part of all exchanges goes to a devoted charity wallet. Holders can decide on which good cause ought to get gifts from the charity wallet at

• Decentralized Governance – Altrucoin was made for decentralized governance from the beginning. All protocol wallets are controlled by means of Multisig and our guide shows our arrangement for full decentralization.

• Defi Lending/Staking – The Altruism Protocol’s drawn-out use case is to turn into a decentralized lending stage that rewards clients for staking tokens. You can gain more from our live guide and whitepaper.

Altrucoin Token Distribution

Simplified fee breakdown:

  • Overall Transaction Fee = 10%
    • 50% of that 10% tax is distributed to existing holders (5% of total)
    • 50% of that 10% tax is distributed to the multi-signature protocol wallets broken down as follows (5% of total):
      • 40% is distributed to the Liquidity Pool Wallet (2% of total)
      • 30% is distributed to the Charity Wallet (1.5% of total)
      • 15% is distributed to the Marketing Wallet (.75% of total)
      • 15% is distributed to the Development Wallet (.75% of total)

Where to buy Altrucoin Token

If you are looking to buy or sell Altrucoin, PancakeSwap (v2) is currently the most active exchange.

Step by step instructions to buy Altrucoin Token

Stage 1: Create a Wallet:

• Head over to downloads the Trust Wallet application. Follow the means in the application to make another wallet and try to NEVER share your recuperation expression with anybody! Store it someplace safe.

• A second wallet choice is Metamask which has a chrome browser augmentation and versatile application.

Stage 2: Add Altrucoin following to the Wallet:

• Press the symbol in the upper right in Trust Wallet and press “Add Custom Token”.

• Change the organization at the upper right from “Ethereum” to “Smart Chain”. Copy the authority contract address on this website page (0xeDAF1F5B8078d4feb4E13c8d5A2c8dE1365be7b6) and glue it in the Contract Address box.

• Next enter “Altrucoin” as the name, “ALTRUCOIN” as the Symbol. furthermore, set Decimals to 9.

• Press “Done” at the top and you should now have Altrucoin following added to your wallet!

Stage 3: Buy “Binance Smart Chain” (BSC):

• Press the Buy button on the wallet screen and type in “Smart Chain”. Press Smart Chain and follow the means to buy BSC Tokens. (This progression may require KYC verification, so have archives prepared to demonstrate your character.)

• (Sometimes global exchanges should be permitted from your bank)

• You may likewise buy BNB from significant trades like Binance or Kucoin.

Stage 4: Swap BSC For Altrucoin:

• Once you have BSC in your Trust Wallet, Press DApps (or “Browser” for iPhones) at the lower part of the screen.

o If the Browser button isn’t apparent at the base for iPhone, open Safari and in the URL type trust://browser_enable, then, at that point get back to trust wallet.

• Enter at the highest point of the screen.

• Switch to the “Smart Chain” network utilizing the button at the upper right.

• Press the Buy Now button situated on our landing page which will take you to Pancakeswap.

o If required, look for our token and enter our contract address (0xeDAF1F5B8078d4feb4E13c8d5A2c8dE1365be7b6)

• Press the settings symbol and set the slippage to 12%.

o If you need to allow it the most ideal opportunity to clear, increment the cutoff time. Naturally, it ought to be set to 20 minutes, which is fine.

• Enter the sum you might want to buy click Swap! This cycle may require a couple of moments and afterward, the tokens ought to show up in your trust wallet. Congrats!

They have gained from their archetypes and plan to enhance their recipes. The group has distinguished various issues with existing frictionless yield-age tokens and has conceived answers for every one of them.

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