About us

About us:  Finance Solving is a financial advising company. We assure you to give our clients complete attention and growth in their business through proper planning. We articulate our client’s achievements along the success path. 

Who are we? 

 Finance Solving advises on your investment opportunities and awakens THE finance planner in you. Mr. Santhosh Thallam is the founder of the guiding firm holding immense experience in the finance field. Our service headquarters are located in Hyderabad, India. Mr. Santhosh Thallam extends his service to all the upcoming and existing companies on planning their IT Filing, PAN Registrations, and others. 

Our curators have excellent knowledge of the Global market.  We focus on attaining the leading edge in the market. Our focussed area of service is on financial planning, IT Filing, strategy determining, and development focussed to favor our clients. 

Our Goal

Our major motive is to explain to our clients on the various jargon of finance and drive a minimum of million visitors by the end of 2020. 

“Finance solving acts as a managing person for example, when a car driver is unaware of the destination. Finance Solving drives him to the destination through proper guidance”

Simplify your finance filing by enrolling yourself as a member of our company. 

Our team is determined to follow a step-wise procedure with no trespassing or follow other ways to gain in any of our clientele IT-Filing or PAN Registrations. 

  1. On-time submission. 
  2. No failure in our clientele documentation procedure. 
  3. “We care for your documentation.”
  4. Online services available
  5. Nominal charges. 
  6. No repetition of submission. 
  7. Any new update will be noted. 
  8. Clear follow-up. 

Never our team has overlooked a profile before filing. We value our client’s motive for their success and render our complete commitment to their processing. We stand in our client’s place while preparing documentation. We are trust-worthy. We follow new techniques, innovative approaches when there is a confusing circumstance, manage any risk during processing. 

Our values 

Consulting the right company for your corporate services is very essential. This shows the business mind in you. The choice between courage and catastrophe is yours. You get the chance to utilize our service for confidential decision making. We value our client’s requirements and complete all the processing within the stipulated period mentioned. 


“You decide we drive for your achievements”


Our Future Vision

We would like to extend our service hands for all Financial guidance services. We will succeed to stand among top financial advisory firms. We respect our old and new client circle for all the referrals. Our expertise is well experienced in the field. We value our client’s perspectives and work accordingly. 

“You think we work. Your success is our vision. “



Santosh Thallam  (santosh@financialsolving.com)

Varun Reddy


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