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3M Car Care Franchise

Covid-19 pandemic situation. Having one’s very own car is something on the list of things to get of every single person. With that, the prerequisite for appropriate car care services comes into the image.

According to SIAM, Society Of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the sales of passenger vehicles in India expanded by 95% in this financial year from March 2020 to March 2021.

It shows that there will be a flood in the necessity for Car care and maintenance services. It won’t be wrong to say that 3M Car Care offers expert car care services. Thus assuming that you are planning to open a 3M Car Care franchise in your city, we should say you are going on the correct way.

This article will cover all the information that you should know to begin the 3M Car Care franchise business in your city. So continue perusing till the end.

History of The Brand – 3M Car Care

The company was founded in Minnesota by five businessmen as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. On its 100th anniversary on the eighth of April 2002, the company changed its official name to ‘3M Company’. The 3M Company, a multinational company is situated in suburbia of Minnesota, to be explicit, Maplewood.

It gained its first patent in the year 1924, and it further gets roughly 3000 patents annually worldwide. The 3M company delivers more than 60,000 items under a few brand names under its four business groups that are centered around healthcare, transport, industrial safety, and consumer goods.

3M India

In the year 1988, The 3M company partnered with Birlas and went into the Indian markets as 3M India. From the start, it managed the telecom industry.

Nonetheless, in the year 2002, Birlas sold their shares and left the partnership, after which, The 3M company wandered into the automobile services business.

3M Car Care at first opened 22 car care shops, mostly in the western and southern pieces of India. As of now, the company has denoted it is quality the nation over.

3M Car Care Franchise Advantages 

Talked about beneath are a portion of the reasons why you should take a 3M Car Care franchise in your city,

Expert Service Provider

3M Car Care is the major part of the car care services and enumerating sector of the Indian market. With its internationally demonstrated car care services, the company holds around 60% of the market share.

Utilizes Sustainable Car Care Technology

3M Car Care utilizes world-class, waterless car wash technology, which diminishes the utilization of water during car wash up to almost 100%. It contributes to environmental safety and conservation.

Expert Car Care Services

3M Car Care, is a one-stop car care service supplier which offers a list of car care services that incorporates interior treatment, exterior treatment, anti-rust treatment, car wash, car wax, and considerably more.


As mentioned before, 3M, is a US-based multinational company that operates across the world. The company utilizes internationally endorsed technology to give its customers expert car care just as car enumerating services.

Customer Service

3M Car Care dominates in customer support services. The staff is excited about offering the best types of assistance to the customers. To take the customer care services above and beyond, the company benefits its customers with the comfort of the lounge wherein, services like free WiFi, books television are given.

Well Knit Network

3M Car Care has denoted its quality in every one of the major cities across India, including a few Tier 2 cities like Bhopal and Aurangabad.

Saleable Brand

According to market research conducted by the 3M Car Care and AC Nielsen lately, 55% of all car owners in metropolitan cities are very much aware of 3M car care services. Ninad Gadgil, GM, automotive aftermarkets division, 3M India, said, that more than 10,000 cars are serviced each month at the 3M Car Care outlets the nation over. And very nearly 25% of the business made at the outlets is from the returning to customers. It without a doubt shows that 3M Car Care is a seriously saleable brand.

Provides Training

The company provides technical just as soft expertise training to the staff individuals to guarantee first-class car care services are given to its customers.

Runs Marketing Programs

The on-field marketing managers of the company give assistance to the franchise owners to run fruitful marketing campaigns to direct people to the franchise store and upgrade sales.

Highest Return on Investments

The 3M Car Care franchise businesses offer a very exceptional yield on investment that reaches from, 25 to 40 percent.

Territorial Rights

The Company provides territorial rights to its franchisee partners which are seldom offered by the companies.

3M Car Care Franchise Requirements

The requirements to begin a 3M Car Care Franchise business in your city are as per the following –

Area Requirement

The area necessity to begin a 3M Car Care franchise business is around 1200-2500 sq. ft. Additionally, the proposed space ought to have an adequate area for stopping.

Skills or Experience

3M Car Care is searching for a franchisee business aspirant who is excited with regards to the car care service industry and is prepared to have hands-on involvement in the business. Moreover, an individual having experience in B2C business and customer relationship management will forever be liked.

Regions of Operation

At this point, the company has a network of more than 60 franchise stores across 18 cities across India, including tier 2 cities of the country. The 3M Car Care means to broaden its compass further by expanding the number of franchisees to 75 on the whole.


The 3M Car Care provides all the support to its franchise owners, which incorporates,

  • Guidance from the administrative center in regards to setting up of franchise.
  • Field assistance to effectively run the marketing campaigns.
  • IT and other technical support to guarantee the consistent functioning of the franchise.
  • Expert training to the staff to guarantee top-notch car care services are given to the customers.

Staff Requirement

The manpower prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the franchise is that of 8 to 12 individuals.

3M Car Care Franchise Cost Investment

To begin the 3M Car Care franchise investment of about INR 50 lacs to INR 1 crore is normal, which incorporates the expense of equipment, furniture, fixtures, and of course acquiring the space.

Brand fee – INR 5,00,000

Royalty-10 % of the sales made

Franchise Agreement

The company settles on a standard franchise agreement with the franchise proprietor. The term of the agreement is that of 5 years which is renewable toward the finish of the term.

3M Car Care Franchise ROI and Profitability

It is normal that the return on investment is around 40% in the tier 1 cities and is just about 30 % in the tier 2 cities.

Moreover, the time needed to break even is more or less 2.5 years. Notwithstanding, it relies upon the location of the franchise just as the marketing procedures applied occasionally.

How to Apply for a 3M Car Care Franchise?

Since you know, every one of the requirements to begin a 3M Car Care franchise business in your city, it’s an ideal opportunity to apply for something very similar.

To apply for the 3M Car Care franchise, you should fill in the application form accessible on the company’s official site. In the event that you are chosen, the company officials will reach out to you to talk about further insights about beginning a 3M Car care franchisee.


Assuming that you are a franchise business aspirant with a capital of roughly one crore and are energetic with regard to the car care services sector, you should try it out immediately.

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