10 Best Instant Loans Apps 5,000 to 5 Lakhs in India with No Documents

Instant Loans Apps

Require instant loans! Go through these 10 Best Instant Loan Apps 

 We all have dreams, and all dreams cannot be fulfilled immediately with our savings. But some dreams can be fulfilled by taking instant loans from the bank. Various Instant loan apps are available to provide you quick cash for your requirement. An instant loan through an app is a rapid, paperless and hassle-free way of getting money from the bank.

Let’s suppose you are having an emergency and require cash immediately. The initial step which you would take is by asking your relatives and friends for the money, but sometimes the amount is too big. At that time, you will visit banks for taking a loan. As normal Banks also takes 2-3 days for loan approval and disbursal of loan. But if you need it immediately and urgently, you can use various apps that are available for providing you an instant loan. In this article, we have provided ten best instant loan apps for quick cash.

  • Earlysalary Instant Loan | Instant Loans of up to ₹2Lakh
Earlysalary Instant Loan
Earlysalary Instant Loan

EarlySalary is app predicted as the best Personal Loan App. You can easily get a loan which is in between Rs.15000 to Rs.2 Lakh by utilizing this app. For instant loans through the app, you don’t require any credit history. Moreover, this app can be easily utilized at online stores like Flipkart, Amazon and Big Bazaar for purchasing.

The interest rates which apply to the loan amount lies between 2-2.5% per month. You are required to pay the processing fee of 2% by having a loan by using this app.

  • Better than Personal Loans
  • We’ve got enough reasons for you to choose us over Personal Loans
  • Instant loans up to ₹2 lakh
  • A cash transfer to your bank account in minutes
  • Flexible repayment tenure from 90 to 365 days
  • No prepayment charges pay interest only on the amount used
  • Advance salary loans at 24%-30% p.a. translating to 2% – 2.5% a month


  • PaySense: Get Personal Loan up to ₹5 Lakhs | Simple & Secure
PaySense Instant Loans
PaySense Instant Loans

PaySense is another platform for providing you an instant loan. PaySense has combined with IIFL and Fullerton for the distribution of personal loans. You can get a personal loan for various situations like marriage expenses, medical emergencies, purchasing a two-wheeler or any other kind of requirements.

The maximum loan amount which is provided through this app is upto 2lakh, and the rate of interest begins at 16.8% annum. You are required to submit your KYC documents and bank statement also to have the required amount of loan.

  • Get instant personal loans from ₹5000 to ₹5 lakh to fit all your needs and dreams.
  • Quick Approvals & Disbursals, Get prompt loan approval and money in your account.
  • Doorstep collection of documents; just sign & hand over the required documents to the courier
  • Easy to manage EMI plans with reminders and auto-debit features so that you don’t miss out on timely payments.
  • Need another loan from PaySense? With one-time documentation, it’s just a click away. No further checks required
  • Never taken a loan previously? It’s okay – we serve the users who are new to credit and lending system.


  • Indiabulls Dhani | Instant Personal Loans with Rewards

Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan

Indiabulls Dhani is also another instant loan app that will transform your financial requirements quite easier than it was never before. You can have a two-wheeler loan, personal loan car loan, marriage loan, travel loan or medical loan instantly. The best part of getting the loan from this app is you are not required to provide any physical documentation. The rate of interest which applies to the loan amount is 11.99% and 5% will be charged as processing fee. The maximum amount of loan which can get is 15lakh.

  • Get a personal loan using your smartphone anytime, anywhere.
  • Use your pan card and address proof to get the loan amount into your bank directly.
  • Get loans starting from 1000 to 15 Lakh at 13.99% PA onwards.


  • LazyPay | Instant Personal Loans upto 1 Lac

Lazypay upto 1 Lakh

LazyPay is the other app for getting a loan, and this app provides the fastest way to have a loan amount in your bank. In this app, enter your mobile number & find out your loan amount limit. With this app, you can easily get upto 1lakh loan and all processing is quite easy and done through digital transactions. Moreover, with this app, you will get 14 days of Interest-free amount, and after that interest rate, which will be charged at 15%.

  • Personal loans upto 1 lakh
  • Paperless and 100% Digital Process
  • Payback in Convenient EMI’s directly from your account
  • Pay interest on amount only you have withdrawn


  • CashE | Get Instant Personal Loan upto Rs 3 Lakhs
CashE Get Instant Personal Loan upto Rs 3 Lakhs
Get Instant Personal Loan upto Rs 3 Lakhs

CashE supports you in providing instant, short-term loans to young professionals. The loan amount is completely based upon earning potential and their previous record. CASHe is a fully automated app and it does not require any personal interference; moreover, there is no requirement of any physical documentation for availing the loan. You can get the loan amount from Rs.5000 to Rs.2 Lakh by using this app. The interest rate which is charged on loan is 1.5% per month.

● Avail instant loans from CASHe through your smartphone
● Completely Digitized: Few documents to upload on the application
● Get instant cash loans from as little as Rs 9,000
● Gets loans ranging from Rs.9,000 – 80,000 for 62 days, Rs. 19,000 – 1,00,000 for 90 days & 25,000 – 2,00,000 for 180 days.
● The faster approval process with less documentation.
● Get collateral-free loans without any bank visits or phone calls
● Attractive rate of interests
● Flexi repayment methods.
● Loan disbursement in 10 minutes


  • Smartcoin | Personal Loan App Get Instant Money & Quick Loans
Smartcoin Instant Loans

SmartCoin is also India’s best app for providing instant loans to individuals. SmartCoin provides the Loan amount, which ranges from Rs.1,000 to Rs.50,000 to the individuals who are having their own like Business,  are Support Executives, Salaried Professionals and much more. SmartCoin transforms the proceedings quite simpler for anyone who wants to have instant cash and get a loan. Your loan amount will be credited into the bank account instantly and the interest rate which will be charged is 15%.

• Access Personal loans from Rs.1000 to Rs.25,000.
• Borrow cash loans at your convenience – With just a few clicks, anytime, anywhere get cash online transferred to your bank account.
• Completely Digital Loan: Few documents to upload on the application. Money Tap away!
• No need for physical visits – No filling forms for loans. No long waiting period anymore . Get instant online loans within hours without even visiting the bank. It’s paperless loan and completely e-cash
• Repay anytime within the loan duration (no pre-payment penalties). Get your salary early with SmartCoin
• Instant Loan Approval: Your Loan process is approved instantly and money is credited to your account. Fast Loan approval!
• You can also view the money you have borrowed earlier and keep a track of all your transactions


  • Kreditbee

KreditBee is another Instant loan providing the app for Young Professionals, salaried peoples where they easily can apply for their Loan requirement Online and they can avail maximum up to Rs 1 Lakh directly into their bank account. The overall interest rate, which is applicable, starts at 1.5% of the Principal amount. Another positive factor of this app is documentation, which is required is very minimal & the complete process from registration to the cash disbursement hardly takes 15 minutes. 

1. 100% Online process
2. Minimal documentation
3. Fast approval
4. Immediate bank transfer


  • FlexSalary

FlexSalary Instant Loans

FlexSalary app is also known as instant cash loans and salary advance app. This app provides instant loans to salaried people and the maximum limit of the loan is upto 2 Lakh. To apply for a loan through FlexSalary, you are required to register or login by social account. After completing all the basic details, including PAN card detail, your loan application will be proceeding forward for the approval and once your loan amount is approved, you will get the approved amount directly into your bank account.

  • Provide line of credit loans up to INR 2,00,000 instantly
  • We just need your identity proof, address proof, PAN Card, last 3 months payslips and your photo.
  • So, submit these basic documents and get a line of credit loan instantly. Apply Now!


  • AnyTime Loan

AnyTime Loan

AnyTime loan app provides an instant loan to both salaried as well as self-employed peoples. AnyTime Loan provides loan amounts for all of your requirements. Through this app, the maximum loan amount which can be taken is upto 10lakh, and the interest rate will fluctuate between 18% to 54%.

  • On-demand Peer to Peer Instant loans up to ₹ 50 lakh
  • A cash transfer to your bank account in minutes
  • Flexible repayment tenure from 90 to 3 years
  • No prepayment charges pay interest only on the amount used
  • Loans as low as 18% p.a. translating to 1.5% a month
  • By people, For people and of people in India
  • No registration fee. The processing fee is collected only once the loan is disbursed, that too along with loan repayment.


  • Moneytap Loan App
Moneytap Loan App

Moneytap is also among the best instant loan provider app, and it is India’s first credit line based loan app, which is interlinked with leading NBFCs and banks. You will get the instant loan amount and interest rate will vary from 13% to 24.3%. The best part of getting a loan through this app is you will pay interest on the amount which is withdrawn, not on the complete loan amount. The maximum loan amount which is offered by this app is 5lakh.

  • You pay interest only on the borrowed amount, no interest on the unused amount.
  • 2-36 months flexible EMI tenures
  • A collateral-free personal loan app
  • Consider it as an early salary loan online
  • The fastest bank loan you can get online
  • Help friends or family with an emergency cash

Ending Note

So above, we have provided you the Top 10 Best Online Loan Apps In India to avail easy instant loans but the loan amount depends upon the previous individual records and the CIBIL reports.


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